On Energy for Monday

Whew … a busy weekend for me … and I get to start my week with a trip to the dentist.

I typically post on Sunday night, but thought I would try (as a change of pace) a true Monday Morning Entertainment. Warning … this guy is wired! Have a good week everyone.

16 thoughts on “On Energy for Monday

    • Journey,
      In July 2010, I started the process of receiving a dental implant. In July 2011, it is finally done. Yippee … then today I received an email that my dentist needs me for 10 minutes …. will it ever end! Thanks for visiting and asking.


        • Try cooling a 2-story house with 3 window units – one of which has a failing exhaust fan! I’ve got a 12″ floor fan on top of a garbage can outside next to the unit, plus a window-screen “awning” over the top. Thank goodness I live in the middle of redneck country – nobody notices! πŸ˜€
          (I do have a couple of newer units to replace the dying one. Got them the afternoon before our first 95+ degree day, so now it’s too hot to go through the work of installation. If timing is everything, I got nuthin’! πŸ˜‰ )


  1. Hook that dude up to a bicycle generator – he could light up LA! Hyper doesn’t begin to describe that!
    Good luck with the dentist – hope you don’t have TOO many holes in your head. (Other than the one that let me in. πŸ˜€ )
    Hope your week goes somewhat more calmly, too! And enjoy someone else paying the A/C bill this week – it’s gonna be a doozy!


    • John,
      Greg Hahn is definitely high energy overload – thus a need for a surge protector. Dentist went well as I’m finishing the implant. Otherwise, stay cool up there and make sure Blackjack gets water! Thanks for commenting.


      • No worries. I check ol’ Jack at least twice a day. I’m worried about my crazy black cat, who insists upon going outside. The silly sot just won’t stay indoors, and insists upon being outside during the day. We named him Max (a bad pun on him being a “Klinger” when he was a kitten) and he’s living up to his name! πŸ˜€


      • I should have added that I threw out the McMillan short because the fella you had in your post sort of reminded me of how McMillan would be if he was hyper like Mandel used to be. McMillan used to be a chip designer in Silicon Valley and he’s got some hysterical stuff … at least it is for those of us who live the “corporate geek” life. πŸ˜€


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