On Wisdom and Creation

The Tree of Wisdom contains many branches; of which three are science, theology, and technology. While science tells us about our observations in nature, theology aims to provide meaning beyond the boundaries of nature. Meanwhile, technology is an important too because many disciplines use it to aid understanding. In terms of the Tree of Wisdom, it is up to each of us to examine the branches for reflection, integration, and application.

God gives His creatures room to be themselves – and for we humans, the space is enormous. This independence is one of God great gifts. With our minds, we can discover the great potentiality of His ongoing grand creation and His great purpose.

The human brain may be the most complex system in the natural world. Because our brain differentiates us from other living things, we have also determined that the grand creation of nature displays patterns, connections, unity, universality, and interrelationships of which we are a part. God gave us an ability to investigate (through science) and discover (through theology) that he is the ultimate source of our revelations.

I close with these words from Francis Collins, a scientist who led the Human Genome Project and is currently the head of the National Institute of Health.

I do not believe that God who created all the universe, and who communes with His people through prayer and spiritual insight, would expect us to deny the obvious truths of the natural world that science has revealed to us, in order to prove our love for Him. (from his book, The Language of God, 2006)


14 thoughts on “On Wisdom and Creation

  1. Thanks for the quote and also for your prior recommendation to read “When Science Meets Religion” by Ian G. Barbour. The book really does a great job of organizing the history of how science and religion have interacted.


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