Opinions in the Short: Vol. 105

On Politics
Several weeks ago, I told a friend that Congress would not raise the debt ceiling unless some sanity from the Senate side step forward. Although that has happened, there is still plenty of time for the House Republicans to screw it up.

As the GOP continues to talk about their version of the 2010 election mandate, I saw several polls this week that Congress continues to have a lower approval rating than President Obama, and a high percentage of people disapprove of Republican obstinate ways.

Joke of the week: Cut, Cap, and Balance legislation

Thank you Spinny for this Ronald Reagan comment about the debt ceiling. This is worth the one minute it takes to listen.

Interesting Reads

Here’s a hoot of a headline from the LA Times

It’s Week 28 of the Boehner-led House without a jobs bill. To quote Speaker Boehner, “Where are the jobs?”

On Potpourri
Congratulations to Atlantis and its successful last voyage of the Shuttle. Good luck to the 8,000 employees who have lost their job.

I found this interesting USA Today piece about a Cuban Catholic bishop.

Given the release of summer movie blockbusters as Harry Potter, Captain America, and The Undefeated Nincompoop, theaters are packing them in.

I stumbled across this interesting site that I look closer in the future: Center on Economic Policy and Research

My shoulder has strengthened enough that I can start limited use of the golf driving range – but it’s too damn hot now!

After starting the procedure in July 2010, this past Monday I finished the tooth implant procedure. Then back to the dentist Wednesday morning because I popped off an onlay while flossing.

Although I am for from reciprocating at the moment, I appreciate the continual visits from many of my regulars.

It’s Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Weekend in Cooperstown. (Sadly, a place I have yet to visit.) In honor of the inductees, here’s a former Yankee playing a baseball song on a smooth guitar. Enjoy – and have a safe weekend.


15 thoughts on “Opinions in the Short: Vol. 105

  1. I am seriously hoping the whole budget mess is just a round of brinksmanship I’d like to think the bums in DC aren’t crazy enough to turn us into Greece. Then again, I’d also like to think tomorrow’s high temp will be 65. I’m getting the feeling I’ll see 65 before I see sense in DC. I’d be delighted to be proved wrong. (On the common sense issue – the whole town is praying for something less than our 101-degree high yesterday!)
    “Farewell Atlantis”. Title of a fictional book in the disaster movie “2012”. Now a sad fact of life in the present-day US. Our shuttles are supposedly too old to keep flying, so we’re hitching rides on Soyuz, which predates the Shuttles by a decade. There’s that dang common sense bugaboo again…..
    And may you have good luck with the tooth, the whole tooth, and every other tooth, so help you (and your dentist!). 🙂
    Have a good weekend, and blessings be upon your power company and your A/C unit!


    • John,
      I recently so this quote: “There is no partisan way to fix a giant pothole in Washington. Simply put, the ending of the Shuttle program remains a bummer in so many ways.

      Good news on the onlay was that the base & the onlay were fine … thus cement saved the day. Stay cool up there! Thanks for commenting.


  2. This week my money is on the boy wizard and Cap. The Undefeated Nincompoop’s only chance of making money on her film is if the theaters charged us not to see it. (then I would pay).

    I have thought all along the debt ceiling was a bunch of posturing — but now the Tea Party Gang looks so confused that their bill failed in the Senate. They aren’t just posturing – they’re deluded.


    • Beagz,
      For sure, the nincompoop movie had lousy reviews … well, so I heard because I wouldn’t waste my time reading them. Congress is a lost bunch of souls. I heard President Obama’s news conference have Mr. Boehner walked out. He has done what he can – so it’s time for him to pass the buck to Congress to do the job they are supposed to do. Many thanks for stopping by.


      • I find it quite interesting that as Tea Party bullies start talking about blaming Boehner and McConnell for not pushing their bill and letting down the process that Boehner decides he was had enough and punts the ball. It was a move straight from Kenny Rogers “The Gambler” – “Know when to walk away – know when to run”.


    • Larry,
      I know that is hard to believe, but my wife isn’t that crazy about it, so it’s just a matter of time when I do the trip either myself or with a friend. But I do know it must be done! Thanks for visiting.


  3. i hope people are questioning whether the rethuglicans should be beholden to grover norquist and his pledge or to the citizens they’re supposed to protect. the teabaggers tout themselves as independent thinkers, but they’ve never seen a pledge that they didn’t want to sign. that’s not independence.


    • Nonnie,
      The Grover has those people by the groin … and the signers have backed themselves into a corner for the sake of getting elected. Simply pathetic … and thanks for mentioning this.


  4. I got the audio clip from Dusty at Left Wing Nutjob. 🙂

    Our company had our summer party and had a baseball theme, so I naturally thought of my blog friend Frank in Cincinnati. Nice guitar version from the Yankee. I wore a Jeter shirt to the party because my partner is a huge Yankees fan.

    I hope you are enjoying your project and the baseball season.


    • Spinny,
      How nice to think of me. Hope you told others about the video.

      It’s been a trying year for we Reds fans as the team has not performed to expectations. Meanwhile, baseball fans also have a tendency to be overly optimistic to the bitter end. Hope you had a good weekend.


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