On a Needed Laugh

No matter of ones political persuasion, many of us have been anxiously watching and waiting the debt ceiling situation. Depending on the individual’s perspective, emotions and opinions range from A to Z and then some.

As of this writing on Sunday evening, still no deal – although the Breaking News is saying a vote will be on tomorrow. The opening of the Japanese market is nearing, so that could deliver an important sign of things to come. Who knows what we will awaken to in the morning.

Meanwhile, readers here need their Monday Morning Entertainment. We need smile and/or a giggle to break our mood.To me, this one fits the situation more ways than one, so I will let you make your own take. Enjoy, and have a good week.


10 thoughts on “On a Needed Laugh

  1. Thank you for this…DC has me so pissed…There games, their nonsense, their lack of common sense…Oh and the fact that they don’t actually care about what we the people think and say…It makes me want to puke in the soup…

    Instead I’ll watch the laughter again!


    • Beeze,
      My tone in my last two posts since this one hasn’t been jolly, and I really wonder about what is going on. Then again, laughter is a good medicine so I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. those kids truly define the term “in stereo”

    good to see the mom able to laugh as well, because I’m guessing birthing/ rearing four kids can take something out of you


    • 3rd Stone,
      This one does bring smiles and laughs. Mom is really enjoying herself here … and I imagine she has the opposite moments too. Heck, she may even use this video to cheer herself up. Thanks for visiting.


  3. A frustrating weekend of rude neighbors, lost bookmarks, and idiots in DC. Ya know the old Chinese saying/curse “May you live in interesting times”?
    I wish life were a whole lot less “interesting”!
    And just in case my dead laptop is totally shot, could you shoot me your Email on the side, Frank?
    Have a good weekend, all!


    • John,
      Sounds like you have had your share of recent frustrations. Hang in there & I hope at least the babies brought a smile. Just got around to it, but I sent the email. Thanks for your continue support through your frustrations.


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