Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 110

On the Arab Uprisings
I appreciated these three lines from Washington Post columnist David Ignatius:
On favoring the term “Arab Transition” over “Arab Spring” because it conveys the essential truth that nobody can predict just where this upheaval is heading.

The Arab Transition needs to embrace the tolerance of secular societies rather than the intolerance of theocracy.

Sometimes the right side of American interests and values conflict, thus requiring difficult choices.

Too bad Baghdad Bob wasn’t reporting from Tripoli this week. (This one is mine)

On Politics
A political conundrum: What if a GOP moderate won the presidency and the obstinate controlled Capitol Hill?

Politicians using statistics is a perfect example of taking a stance, then finding the numbers supporting the point.

I imagine some political pundits see Sarah Palin as the elephant in the room. Well, she has a similar constituency as Michelle Bachmann, and she has a higher disapproval rating than most. On the other hand, running increases her media attention, speaking requests, and book sales.

Although the Tea Party makes me cringe, Rep Maxine Waters’ (R-Ca) comment was unnecessary. As commentator John Avlon says, The cycle of incitement must stop.

“There are many reasons to vote against Rick Perry. His fatuous stance on the teaching of evolution in schools is perhaps not the first reason that springs to mind. However, maybe it is the most telling litmus test of the other reasons, and it seems to apply not just to him but, lamentably, to all the likely contenders for the Republican nomination.” (Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins)

I remind Speaker Boehner that it is Week 33 of the Boehner-led House without a jobs bill. To quote Speaker Boehner, “Where are the jobs?”

Interesting Reads
Interesting Items from the Dick Cheney book
An Uncertain Arab Transition (David Ignatius)

Interesting Headlines I Saw this Week on The Onion
New Study Explains why Comic Sans Font so Hilarious
Kamikaze Swimmers Finally Reach Pearl Harbor
Pirate Written-Up for Dress Code Violation
New Apple CEO Tim Cook, “I see printers.”
McDonald’s Unveils New Senior Citizen Play Place

On Potpourri
Calling the recent Kardashian wedding The American Royal Wedding is a sad commentary on American society

Although I seldom use Bing.com, I enjoy the daily image on their home page.

Call me old fashion, but I believe and practice greeting co-workers in the morning. Sadly, it seems to be a lost practice.

Adam Richmond, host of (Travel Channel), was in Cincinnati this week taping a show scheduled for October 12th.

In the words of Garrison Keillor: Be well, do good works, and stay in touch.


14 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 110

  1. Were those kamikaze swimmers led by Hiroko Yamashiro, ace pilot of 37 successful kamikaze missions?
    Not sure what to say about the politics. I’m of the opinion to sit back for now and let the Tea Partyers and far-right GOPers talk. Open mouth insert leg, as my father used to say.
    Spare a thought for the folk in the sights of Hurricane Irene. Our mutual friend Padre Steve is right in the cross-hairs, and will be on-duty taking care of others (as is his wont). Say a prayer or two for him and the rest of the folk in harm’s way, okay?
    Have a good Friday and weekend! And stay safe, East Coasters!


  2. i don’t see what maxine waters said that was so bad. i’m glad she said it, and i wish more dems (and more rethugs, for that matter) would say it, too. incitement? to what? saying that someone should go to hell is not the same as saying don’t retreat, reload or any of the other gun references the rethugs love so much.


    • Nonnie,
      There is no doubt in my mind that the GOP, especially the Tea Party segment, has been pathetic regarding President Obama. I simply look to those in office to stay above the fray. Just a thought … and thanks for sharing!


  3. Am I hearing you right that the first politician/party who comes up with a Jobs Bill has the inside track to your (and the Independent) vote?


    • Tim,
      Absolutely not. Centrists will sit back, watch, listen, learn, and contemplate … and odds are that I won’t commit until after the 2012 conventions. IN other words, there is a long way to go. Thanks for asking.


  4. I have to admit I find that the group that has compared Obama to Nazi’s, stood up in a session and called him a liar, and has used every type of inflammatory rhetoric possible is now saying they want “a new civility” to be quite funny. Have they learned from their mistakes – or have they just learned they get more votes when people see them as the victim?

    As for Rick Perry — stayed tuned — the Stupid has yet to be all poured out.


    • Beagz,
      I had to call out Rep Waters because both sides are ridiculous. I keep saying that the majority of people what constructive solutions —- and that was the 2008 & 2010 mandate that both parties have misinterpreted. As for Rick Perry’s comments, missteps have less effect in the GOP primary.

      Hope you are safe and dry. Thanks for commenting.


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