On Ringing in Monday

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and special considerations to those living in the east as they dealt with the effects of Irene’s wind and rain.

Monday will be our handbell choir’s first rehearsal of the upcoming playing year. I don’t know what music we will encounter, but our leaders have promised us another good year and one to expand our horizons.

In honor of the upcoming season and to start your week, here’s a less-than-a-minute music treat from the Sonos Handbell Ensemble, a select choir from the San Francisco Bay area. Now these people can play, so enjoy the short treat titled Hummingbird. Have a good week.


12 thoughts on “On Ringing in Monday

  1. Still haven’t figured out my sound problem, so I can’t hear this – rats! Time for open-case surgery. Now, where is my power saw and sledge hammer? 😉
    By the by, Frank, I believe the Padre is okay – I’m waiting for his daily check-in tonight. I know his wife got outta Dodge before Irene hit.
    Have a good week, all!


    • Journey,
      Although ours choir is at church, I have heard of some of the private schools having handbell choirs. As a side note, our church hopes to host a “festival” with 6 choirs (total) in the spring. Those events are interesting. Thanks for stopping by.


    • SkippingStones,
      A special welcome to a first-time commenter, and I hope you return in the future. Bells music is not always simple, and as this group shows, difficult music requires talent. If you like bells, I invite you to visit the Handbells link in the Categories section on the sidebar. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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