On School Time

Labor Day – the final summer holiday and what used to be, the day before school starts. Believe me, I’m not clamoring for schools to return to that outdated approach to a school calendar. Nonetheless, most schools will have started by now.

Since this is a four-day workweek (for those with traditional hours), instead of our Monday Morning Entertainment, thought I’d start the work week asking readers to provide a caption for a picture.

For many years, I have advocated educational reform, which may be a reason why I appreciated this satirical headline from The Onion: “Nation’s Student to Give American Educational System Yet Another Chance.” By the way, here is my Sept 10, 2009 post about the difficulties the education system faces regarding reform.

Now that I’ve set the stage, write a caption to the picture below.


15 thoughts on “On School Time

  1. As a Kid in New York we started School the Wed after Labor Day unless Labor Day was the 1st thru the 3rd, then we started the Monday after labor day, Of course we were still in school till the 4th week in June. Now alot of places start the first Monday in August and they are out by the 3rd or 4th week in May before Memorial Day. More of a College schedule.


  2. Starting school the Tuesday after Labor Day is an outdated approach? Oh, well that explains why the Michigan state legislature mandates that school begin the Tuesday after Labor Day. Yes, here in Michigan the state legislature micromanages the start date for school, with the reasoning being that it is better for tourism and thus the state’s economy.


  3. When I was a kid in California, school started in mid-September. Nowadays, most classes start from mid to late August. For your fun photo, my first thought was “Ouch!” Given the budget cuts impacting most schools, maybe “Here’s to Another Grate Year!” or “Let’s thank the politicians for a grate playyground for our kids.” I am anot feeling very creative this morning.


  4. school used to begin quite regularly during the week after labor day or at least very close. however, some state’s started to notice temperature differences. it gets pretty damn hot in early june, but it’s not always all that hot in late august. so they shifted their calendar to have kids in school when it’s cooler and then get out when it’s getting hotter. here in NJ, we’re still doing the week after labor day until the middle of june. it’s usually southern states that have shifted to august/late may-early june. i have friends in texas and virginia who are on such schedules.


    • RMV,

      In terms of the school calendar, don’t forget the influence from the tourism lobby.

      BTW: When I started first grade, we started after Labor Day and out by Memorial Day. Then again, our breaks were very short. I was in HS when our spring break was extended from Good Friday to include Easter Monday. Wow! Today though, society values more break time during the year, thus the natural extension of the school calendar. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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