On a Glorious Creation

Science does not threaten God, nor does it remove God. Scientific explanations as evolution or an old earth does not remove God, nor does it diminish his power, sovereignty, or creative accomplishment. Science merely shows an aspect of how God operates within His creation. Maybe we should look to remove the burden we place upon God who gave us creation and Scripture by trusting the tools he gave us, including our faith.

Christianity is not life in a straightjacket. God gave us good news for everlasting life through Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection on the cross. God also gave as nature as a place for us to act in his behalf – and Scripture provides our expectations.

We are not Pharisees who used their feeling of superiority and self-righteousness to proclaim being right with God. We should not create a hostile wall with other Christians by confusing God’s kingdom with our own. As we accept weather reports through maps, data, and predictions based on natural cause-and-effect processes gathered through science, they reject evolution that the same mechanisms explain. We cannot adopt a rationale based on when all else fails, God did it. After all, on his Sermon on the Mount, isn’t Jesus criticizing the Pharisees?

Through the way I see science, evolution, creation, and theology, I have great joy in knowing that I’m glorifying God through a deeper understanding of His creation – our majestic, awesome, intricate, beautiful, continually growing universe.

In order to gain a great understanding and appreciation for God’s creation, we need to strengthen our understanding of science, theology, and the interchange between them. The interaction of our neurological network serves as our symphony of thought, reason, and understanding. Bringing science and theology together brings the greatest sense of awe. Maybe I too am a creationists – but not in the same sense as many typically use the term.

Many thanks to the United Church of Christ for this short, but excellent, summation.

Blessed is God the creator, who is also the light and life of all creation