On Blogging Versatility

Patti, the mind behind Learn More Everyday, passed along this Versatile Blogger Award to me. I discovered her blog this past spring and quickly learned that Patti and I share the same philosophy about visitors: if they take the time to comment, take the time to respond.

A month or so later, my work project started, thus I have not visited her blog as often. Yet to my surprise, she continues to give me some of her reading time to this place, thus a reason why I am touched by her recognition.

The rules behind The Versatile Blog Award are simple.

  • Post a link to the Versatile Blogger who gave you the award.
  • Share seven things about yourself that is not widely known.
  • Nominate at least five other bloggers.
  • Send an email to those you choose to nominate

AFA Nominees
I’m ever so grateful to Nonnie, Spinny, Beagz, and John who have faithfully stayed with me during my work project as each of you have kept me going. Plus, there are other excellent blogs in my sidebar. However, with the nominations below, I aim to broaden the community of readers, thus more hits.

Keith is the twisted mind behind Tyranny of Tradition, the place where he integrates history and humor. I think this next statement best describes this blog: John fits right in!

Kim is the kindness behind Journey Towards Epiphany. She gives me the impression that her adult life has been full of twists, turns, and challenges, yet her blog is a tribute to the positive influence of her faith while on this Journey. Once John discovered she is from Chicago, one would frequently see his wit and wisdom there too.

I discovered Kellie at Spinny’s, and her infusion of politics into her three beagles (who have different personalities) makes The Beaglez a delight. Of course, I am partial to Buddy, but Belle makes me laugh. Yet, I just cannot figure out why John has not appeared there.

Nancy is the intellect behind the Conversation in Faith Weblog. Although the two of us have a common interest in the interchange between science and theology, Nancy uses her great insight and knowledge about faith to challenge my thinking. Hey Kellie … you would love it here! Besides, so far this has been a John-free zone.

Dragon Fae is the free spirit at Among the Dragons, Crystals, and Fae. From crystals to chakras to nature and life in general, D-Fae (as I call her) provides unexpected opportunities. Yep – she knows John too.

Scott is a newcomer here at AFA, so thought I’d show his Batshite site a little appreciation. It appears that he’s lean toward being a contrarian regarding different topics (both of which is right up my alley). Meanwhile, since I’m still on my work project, I’ll send the leader of my search party to his site. John – give me a full report.

John found me at another great site, Padre Steve’s, a great site about military, Christianity, life, and even some baseball. OK … I’ve just endorsed the Padre’s site as well.

Last but not least, a special recognition to John Erickson, who saw that I’m in Ohio, and I haven’t been able to rid him ever since! He loves to share wonderful sense of humor ( that probably is sicker than mine) through history and sci fi – although he is much more demented than I. John does not have his own blog, but he travels around several blogging circles spreading his wit and wisdom over a variety of topics. Therefore, John, this award is for you too. By the way, I can share your response with others here (if you wish).

The About Me Obligation
When it comes to personal information, a blogger’s personality is throughout the many posts. Since I have written a few posts specifically about me, I invite readers to read those. Some day when you are bored, see Categories > About Me in the sidebar. Nonetheless, I must not skirt my obligation for this post.

1) After my high school’s basketball team beat a rival on a shot at the buzzer of the fourth overtime, a group attacked five of us in a parking lot several blocks from the school. None of us was hurt, but they totaled my car. On a visit to my hometown several years ago, I saw one of the guys from that night. Out of the clear blue, Dave said to me, “We didn’t do anything wrong that night.” He’s right – yet he and I have stewed about this for almost 40 years.

2) I was in college marching band. Somehow, an artist used a picture of me to creature the image for the band’s album cover. I’ll tell this story in a future post – and maybe with the images.

3) I have stood at both the world’s longest bar and the world’s longest candy counter.

4) Except for my first three months, I have lived in Ohio my entire life. Interestingly, I associate with all four corners of the state: I grew up in SE, went to college in the NW where I met my wife who is from the NE, and spent my adult life in SW.

5) I unquestionably prefer to own a white car.

6) The first concert I added of a national act was either the Fifth Dimension or Three Dog Night. OK – I’m showing my age.

7) I attended first and second grade in this school built in 1870.