Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 114

On Politics
Cheers to Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) for resigning the #3 leadership post in order to “liberate me to spend more time on issues that I care most about.” Of course, this also means that party leadership will become more ideological.

I find it interesting that companies and banks are sitting on cash reserves and citizens are saving more than they have in a long time.

Conservative advocate and writer David Frum wrote this response regarding the letter Republican leaders on Capitol Hill sent Fed Chair Ben Bernacke.

With all the talk Republicans do about decreasing regulations, they continue to be lax with examples. Surely, there cannot be a shortage!

Earlier this week I actually sent a letter with ideas to my senator, Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), who is on the Supercommittee. I would imagine my points could turn into a future post.

Some in the GOP are calling for Warren Buffet to release his tax returns. Mr. Buffett: Only release them if they agree to submit their past 3 years to the IRS for an audit.

As Speaker Boehner states the important of coming to the table without set ideas and conditions, he continues to insist, “Tax increases are a nonstarter” and “Tax increases are not a viable option for the joint committee.” The latter meaning the party is calling the shots for the SuperCommittee. Wow – there is a surprise!

Much of the tax talk is convincing the uninformed. One side says something about the tax rate, the other responds with the amount of taxes paid – and vice versa. The Republicans can say what they want about reducing taxes and the tax rate, but there is no way they will do it without raising the amount of taxes paid. After all, that is a page directly from President Ronald Reagan.

I remind Speaker Boehner that it is Week 37 of the Boehner-led House without a jobs bill. To quote Speaker Boehner, “Where are the jobs?”

Interesting Reads

On Headlines from The Onion
New NetPix Service Sends Unlimited Photographs for Monthly Fee
Bugs Infesting Area Apartment Have No Clear Goal
Obama Visits South-Carolina Ravaged South Carolina
US Funding Video Games to Compete Globally with Madden Cricket League ‘12
Narcissist Mentally Undresses Himself
TV Listing: Rick Perry’s Alaska

On Potpourri
The work project ends September 30th!

For the second consecutive year, my first round of golf for the season may be the last.

The new season of Dancing with the Stars is off and running. I hope this cast is likeable – but eliminating NBA star Ron Artest is a good start.

The realignment craze in college football has nothing to do with fans, tradition, young athletes, or education – but everything to do with football revenue. Is there any difference between university presidents, conference commissioners, and politicians?

Vermillion Cliffs National Monument is a haven of geologic formations. Located in Northern Arizona near its border with Utah, one of its features (The Wave) is an amazing sandstone formation created by wind erosion with iron deposits providing the color. Enjoy these pics from Google Images.

In the words of Garrison Keillor: Be well, do good works, and stay in touch.

20 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 114

  1. Not a huge surprise in people and companies sitting on savings. When the economy could tank at any moment (again, yet, or still), you get VERY tight with the money. That’s the problem with trying to cut taxes to create jobs – no company is going to hire workers without the work for them to do, and if they have to outlay less cash for taxes, they’ll just sock it into savings. I learned that in high school – guess the entire GOP slept through the “cutting taxes doesn’t make jobs” lesson!
    I’d love to see the points you sent to Portman. By all means, sock it to me! (Us – don’t want to be greedy!)
    I like the Onion’s SC headline. Kinda my feeling about Ohio – it’s a nice state, if it were located elsewhere and less overrun by Ohioans – present company VERY much excluded!
    Interesting co-incidence – your project ends on September 30, so does funding for the government. Are you working for one of those 3-letter agencies? Hmm? 😀
    Have a good Friday, and a good weekend!


    • John,
      Regarding Sept 30 – nope – the project is with a private company … ready for this, I was on Project Blackjack!!! In terms of savings and the economy, I’ll probably have a post on that next week. Nonetheless, you make a good point. In terms of Ohio, well, it’s diversity causes its ugly side to show. Thanks for the thoughts – and have a good weekend. Hi to Blackjack!


      • Oh please, tell me you have a logo or letterhead or SOMETHING with “Project Blackjack” on it! I don’t care about the contents, I just wanna take the logo, blow it up to a 6′ square billboard, and stake it out in the yard where Jack does his best work. Man, if there’s an actual logo I could have put on a patch, I might just wet myself!
        Hope all goes well, and you don’t get clobbered by satellite bits!


        • John,
          Sorry – no letterhead or logo – just use of the term. But hey – if there was, I would get you the patch! Meanwhile, odds of someone getting hit by the falling satellite is 21 Trillion to one. With the world population at 7 million, would we multiply the two values to get the odds of hitting one of us? Then square that value for the odds of getting both of us?

          Giving you the heads up that I have prepared a future post about the latest scoop from CERN.


        • Don’t be too quick to publish that stuff yet, my friend. “Six sigma” is considered fact, 5 sigma is considered very likely, they have yet to hit 2 sigma – something on the level of a SWAG. Give ’em a bit to run the numbers – part of the team is Italian, after all, the same country that gave us FIATs and Lancias, and the only switch-hitting team in World War 2! 😀


    • Yes apparently the GOP missed class on “cutting taxes doesn’t make jobs” they also missed, “the business of business is making a profit not creating jobs” . But Corporate CEO’s did pay attention that day, Here is GM’s chairman explaining why they are sitting on a big pile of cash. http://www.mlive.com/business/index.ssf/2011/09/large_companies_creating_jobs.html.
      Re; Your bailout. You’re welcome GM. Next time you need a big loan from us, don’t hesitate to ask, our politicians won’t remember that you couldn’t care less about the common good and only care about enriching shareholders.


  2. Great review, as usual. I love the pics form Utah–nice escape given all the other craziness. I have not read Parker’s Stupid Politicians yet, but it is on my list. I usually do not lile non-fiction much but I will make an exception! Have a good weekend.


    • Patti,
      I would have never have known about The Wave if it wasn’t for my friend. After you read Parker, see Nonnie’s perspective below for her insight. Thanks for commenting … and have a good weekend.


  3. parker’s excuses for chimpy and gov little ricky goodhair were pathetic. does she assess her doctors the same way she assesses her politicians? maybe she doesn’t care if the guy who is about to slice her open in the operating room was last in his class and thought that was just hilarious. no, you don’t have to have to ace your way through college in order to be smart. some of the smartest people i know never went to college, and some of the dumbest people i know graduated college, law school, and managed to pass the bar. that said, is a politician, especially a president and a president-wannabe really supposed to tell current students that it’s fine if you’re a total screw-up in college? their message is to not bother studying or trying your best, look how badly we did, but we got lucky! maybe if they had paid more attention in college (or maybe they did pay attention, but they’re just too stupid), they’d understand that science and math and history are important.


    • Nonnie,
      I know I can always caught on you with the fresh perspective! Well done. Although education is important, there are plenty of people without college that are very smart … and dumb people with several college degrees. As always, thanks for sharing.


    • So, Nonnie – if you know smart people who didn’t go to college, and dummies who graduated, where do I rate on your spectrum as a bonehead who did graduate college? 😉
      (And no, you can’t quote the old “an exception to every rule” quote, ’cause that’s my life’s goal – to be the exception to every good rule. 😀 )


    • Spinny,
      I too liked the SC one … but also Rick Perry’s Alaska. Then again, since I determine the list, it is a list of my favs of the week. BTW: I don’t think Nancy Grace is going to last very long. Thanks for commenting. and have a good weekend.


  4. I second your cheer for Senator Lamar Alexander! Washington Post Columnist Ruth Marcus’ article published in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer sure makes me wish he had a louder voice in the GOP. Hopefully his decision to step down from the #3 leadership post will bring that about.


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