On a Strange Face

I hope everyone had a safe weekend. With Cincinnati weather so wonderful this weekend and my sister-in-law in town, on Saturday we drove a few hours to the southwest for our first-ever visit to the Bourbon Trail.

I’m not a big bourbon lover as my in-laws, but I could taste the differences. We stopped at Maker’s Mark (my fav), Heaven Hill, and Jim Bean. For those familiar with Maker’s Mark’s candle wax tops, the bottle dippers average 18-22 bottles per minute. Since the assembly bottle dipping only occurs on weekdays, we didn’t see it, so here’s a short video for anyone interested.

Meanwhile, Art Linkletter used to say, “Kids say the darndest things.” I expand that by saying the humans do the darndest things. As some ask why, I simply say because they can.

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, here’s evidence for my statement. Have a good week everyone!