On a Strange Face

I hope everyone had a safe weekend. With Cincinnati weather so wonderful this weekend and my sister-in-law in town, on Saturday we drove a few hours to the southwest for our first-ever visit to the Bourbon Trail.

I’m not a big bourbon lover as my in-laws, but I could taste the differences. We stopped at Maker’s Mark (my fav), Heaven Hill, and Jim Bean. For those familiar with Maker’s Mark’s candle wax tops, the bottle dippers average 18-22 bottles per minute. Since the assembly bottle dipping only occurs on weekdays, we didn’t see it, so here’s a short video for anyone interested.

Meanwhile, Art Linkletter used to say, “Kids say the darndest things.” I expand that by saying the humans do the darndest things. As some ask why, I simply say because they can.

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, here’s evidence for my statement. Have a good week everyone!

4 thoughts on “On a Strange Face

  1. In honour of my “other” blog family, I’ll bring you these tidbits, from our “Melissa on Valium”, aptly titled, “What the F*CK Is Up With Ohio?”
    1) A man rammed his van into a church, while drunk, and attempted to drive off. Minus his van’s front bumper, left lying on the church l;awn, complete with car colour and license plate. He made it one mile before the van burst into flames. Some days it don’t pay to get up in the morning!
    2) For those of you who believe Amish are calm, gentle people:
    “A group of 4 Amish men from Steubenville, thought to be members of a breakaway Amish group, were arrested Saturday for allegedly going into the home of an Amish man and cutting his hair and beard with scissors.”
    Beards are a sign of maturity in the Amish community – all married men wear beards, no matter how young or old they are.
    So no matter how bad your week might be, at least you haven’t left your van’s bumper in a church yard, or had some group who doesn’t agree with your religion give you a shave.
    It’s always interesting in Ohio! 😀


    • Nonnie,
      Well … Loretto, KY isn’t an economic boomtown. Nonetheless, the tour guide said that many of the employees have been there for some time. But I’m with you … sure it’s fun to watch, but to do that all do long, for weeks on end? Maker’s also had beautiful grounds. Thanks for stopping by.


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