On the All-Time Girly Girls

The start of the World Series is a good time for a baseball post. As many of us know the song A Boy Named Sue, and some of us actually remember when it was a Johnny Cash hit.

Although nobody named Sue has played in a major league baseball game, the lineup below features players whose name could be of a female. Keep in mind that my goal is to include as many female-like names as possible. To ramp up the difficulty of fielding a team, I have added a self-imposed rule of only one person per name, with the exception of Hall of Fame (HOF) members.

Even with that in mind, the roster still includes ten members of the HOF accompanying many All-Stars. This team can hit and pitch, thus would be a contender and far outdistance the All-Time Randys who can’t hit, field, and are thin at pitching. Meanwhile, the Randys are perfect for being repeatedly beaten by a bunch of girly guys.

To see the All-Time Randys and other all time teams, see Categories in the right-side sidebar, and then Sports > All-Time Teams or click here.

After the roster, make sure you see the honorable mention list, plus the video.

Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Guys with a Girl’s Name.

1B – Lee May (AS)
2B – Jackie Robinson (HOF)
SS – Cookie Rojas (AS)
3B – Judy Johnson (HOF)
C – Jody Davis (AS)
OF – Babe Ruth (HOF)
OF – Jesse Burkett (HOF)
OF – Robin Yount (HOF)
DH – Dixie Walker (AS)

SP – Christy Mathewson (HOF)
SP – Sandy Koufax (HOF)
SP – Robin Roberts (HOF)
SP – Jesse Haines (HOF)
SP – Candy Cummings (HOF)
RP – Lee Smith (AS)
RP – Allie Reynolds (AS)
RP – Lynn McGlothen (AS)
RP – Rosy Ryan

Mgr – Connie Mack (HOF)

Bench: Ryan Klesko (AS), Shannon Stewart, Taylor Douthit, Kim Bautiste, Dana Fillingim, Angel Barroa, Lena Blackburne, Tillie Walker, Kitty Bransfield

Honorable Mention: Jackie Jensen (AS), Jesse Barfield (AS), Sandy Alomar Jr. (AS), Connie Ryan (AS), Lady Baldwin, Sadie McMahan, Dolly Stark, Goldie Rapp, Blondy Ryan, Cuddles Marshall, Daisy Davis, Bonnie Hollingsworth, Faye Thorneberry, Snooks Dowd

19 thoughts on “On the All-Time Girly Girls

  1. Um – you sneaked Jesse in there twice. Or am I just too stoned to see straight? (HECK YEAH! 😀 )
    I’d have to challenge several as being applicable to both guys and girls, but hey – great effort! I’d try to catch you out on one or two from Cubs history, but it’s late and I’m still fighting my microscopic invaders, so I’ll let you off light tonight. 😉
    And a big “thank you” for getting “The Man In Black” into this post. Loved his stuff from old, early hits my dad had on vinyl. I have his novel “The Man In White” autographed, somewhere around the house here. Met him, talked to him briefly, REALLY cool guy! Such a loss when he went, but his music still backs TV programs to this day.
    Good night, my friend!


    • John,
      Relax, you are seeing straight as there are two Jesses. Now (after an edit) there are also two Robins. I tried to stay with one player per name, but with one exception – members of the Hall of Fame – which is also the reason why I had to add Robin Yount. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear more name.

      I had to include Johnny Cash as that tune inspired the post. Adding the video was a late idea, and as it turned out, a good one. Hope you get feeling better.


  2. Well now, I’ll have to object a small bit to an inclusion of “Robin.” My reasoning is that I was the only girl named Robin I knew growing up. The rest were boys. Robin was a boy’s name until my mother decided to make it a girl’s name. 😉

    Of course this is back in the ancient days, and now Robin is a perfectly acceptable girl’s name here in the U.S. I did get the occasional odd look in England and Scotland as I think the name may still lean heavily on the boy’s side across the pond.

    I had a boy named Sue. He was a boy cat. Johnny Cash was/is a favorite, and that song was the first to grab my attention when I was a kid. So I named my male tabby cat, who was acquired when the original version of the song was popular, Sue. He was a good cat who lived to a ripe old age of 19.


    • Robin,
      As I think back so many years ago to my childhood, I can recall several Robins – but not sure if any females. Interesting point how using “Robin” as a neutral gender name changed over time. Great points … and thanks for adding the story about your boy named Sue. That’s awesome … let alone a good pet who lived a long life. Many thanks for visiting & all the best and strength during your family time of need.

      PS: And I can’t believe I forgot Robin Yount (HOF) … so I will edit this list soon.

      And a link for you: http://www.robinsweb.com/robin-ring-famous.html


  3. Frank, one of your best “All-time” series. Ol’ Johhny Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas, just down the road about 35 miles or so.


    • Don,
      A special welcome to a first-timer here … and a very special welcome as an Aussie. By the way, on quick scan, nice blog – I shall return for a closer look.

      Glad you liked the Johnny Cash song & video. My posts are all over the content map, I suggest my Monday Morning Entertainment to start your week. Given the time difference, check in between 12-1 pm your time on Monday. Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment.


    • Lester,
      Great having your critique here. Agree, this team can pitch and is overall better than expected. It was a fun one to dig into, although I imagine there are names I missed. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  4. That is a pretty dang solid ‘girls’ team you’ve put together there!

    I realize he was not in the class of these names, but Randy Jones of the Padres was one that came to mind. I remember seeing him pitch like a HOF against the Mets at Shea, but when the Padres had those Halloween uniforms . . .

    Liked by 1 person

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