On an Unexpected Day

October 2, 1971 was a beautiful fall day on the Bowling Green State University campus. It was my freshman year and classes were probably in their third week, plus I had arrived early to audition for the Falcon Marching Band (which I made).

The football team was off to a surprising 2-0 start and the first league home game was on this day as the Broncos of Western Michigan came to the flatlands of northwest Ohio. The home Falcons dominated the Broncos that day (23-7), so expectations we sky-high near the end of the game because arch-rival, the “school up north” (Toledo) and their well-over 20 game winning streak would be coming to town soon.

As the game was nearing its end, we band members are readying ourselves to take the field for the traditional post-game concert. As I was racing onto the field, a student photographer unexpectedly approached me and asked me to raise my hands and horn in victory. He took a few pictures and that was the end of it.

My roommate was an avid photographer, thus told me that the BG News (the campus newspaper) archives all the pictures taken, and then sells them for a reasonable fee. Eventually, I found the picture and purchased it, along with a few others.

Move ahead about 18 months to spring 1973 (my sophomore year). It was a pleasant spring evening, so I decided to attend an outdoor concert performed by the symphonic band. Once there, I learned that the marching band’s recorded album of this season (1972) arrived. A friend showed me a copy and there it was – an artist had transformed the picture taken of me on that day into a drawing serving as the album cover.

Of course, some said “no way” as my glasses were removed, but I had the original as evidence – And to this day, that photograph resides inside that album cover.

41 thoughts on “On an Unexpected Day

    • Kathy,
      A special welcome to a first-time commenter. I’ve enjoyed writing here since August 2008. Nonetheless, this one was probably something you didn’t know. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.


  1. What a great memento. Somewhere around here I have a record album our Junior High Choir recorded, with the entire choir in “Huck Finn” type garb on the cover. Of course, that was about 4 years after your moment of glory, ya old fart! 😉 😀


    • Nonnie,
      Interestingly, I showed this to a good friend of mine who didn’t know me in college claim “No way”. Nonetheless, it was an unexpected moment.

      By the way, I can also claim that I was responding to you when I received the news of Gadhafi’s capture. Thanks for commenting.


    • TIm,
      The cover is a bit worn, so I say not. Even the photo is stained (you can tell on the blog). However, yesterday I was looking at the cover and noticed it had one of my favorite marches on it … Glory of the Gridiron by Harry L Alford. Here it below. Thanks for visiting.


  2. Wow…What a shocker/surprise to find yourself on an album cover. I don’t know what you majored in, but if it was law, you should have sued their asses for giving you royalties 🙂


  3. I grew up playing trumpet, and filled in on baritone when needed.
    I was pretty good (1st chair at state), but screwed my life up and blew off the college scholarships that were waiting for me. I’m glad you got to enjoy the college marching band. My favorite band trip was always KU Band-Day.
    Rock-chalk Jayhawk….KU!


    • Sekan,
      That’s interesting as I started as a trumpet player, switched to baritone at the end of freshman year (HS). In college I was a non-music major, but I loved marching band … 5 years of it … the last two as a squad leader. Thanks for visiting and sharing.


    • Hello John … and welcome to a first-time visitor … and all the way from England to boot.

      Surprised is a better description. And the band office did a great job of keeping it a secret because I had no clue – thus the surprise when I saw it.

      FYI: I mentioned this tidbit in one of my posts about myself, and one frequent commenter mentioned wanting to see the pic, so hey … might as well turn it into a post!

      BTW: I try to post Monday through Friday, with an occasional weekend post. The pattern I try to follow is Monday Morning Entertainment to start the week, Tuesday is generally political, Wed and Thurs are open topics, and Friday is Opinions in the Shorts – an ongoing feature (the next is the 117th edition). With that said, I hope you return. Thanks for visiting.


    • Debra,
      Glad you liked this (and I thought you might). I obviously remember the day the pic was taken (given the detail), but to show up as the cover for the following year was a total surprise. And hey —- thanks for the idea of framing the two together. Thanks for visiting.


  4. Aw, this post is wonderfully touching, though somehow I am a little annoyed that someone else used YOUR photo and some other kids idea.
    But, in a way he immortalized the both of you!
    P.S. there is NO DOUBT in the clear link between the two!


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