Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 118

Well, all good things must come to an end, and with that I announce this is my last post. I’ll explain at the end.

On Politics
I continue my streak of not watching the new GOP debate series. Meanwhile, some pundits are predicting Newt Gingrich will lead the next anybody-but-Romney wave.

Last week I watched Meet the Press and observed Herman Cain making too many contradictions.

Hooray for Social Security recipients getting their first COLA raise since 2009.

Sorry Senator Rubio (R-FL), I do not believe the public would not have tolerated aggressively sending US troops into Libya.

Those waiting on the Super Committee results, prepare for a 7-5 vote as the GOP decides how they cast their votes.

In 2012, many independents will cast a vote opposing someone over supporting a candidate – thus setting up the winner to misread the mandate.

As Election Day 2011 approaches, I continue to believe that elected judges at any level should not run attached to a party, should not receive a party endorsement, and should not receive party support.

There is no doubt in my mind that Robert Jeffress, the Dallas pastor supporting Rick Perry and referred Mormonism a “cult” and “nonChristian”, is using religious bigotry to promote politics. Does he not reject candidates based on religion?Read his column in the Washington Post to see.

Interestingly, this NBC poll shows that the percentage of likely GOP primary voters in two early primary states whom seemingly agree with Rev. Jeffress: South Carolina (53%) and Florida (42%).

In accordance with our state constitution, Ohio has redrawn its district boundaries. The result is both legal and pathetic.

I remind Speaker Boehner that it is Week 41 of the Boehner-led House without a jobs bill. To quote Speaker Boehner, “Where are the jobs?”

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On Headlines from The Onion
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On Potpourri
What is next for Libya? Will Syria change?

We were supposed to play a round of night golf, which I have not done in double-digit years. Unfortunately, too much rain postponed the event until next week.

Mentioning the rain, Cincinnati needs about 1.2 more inches to have the wettest year on record. Wonder if we’ll get before the end of October!

The recent news about the wild animals in Zanesville, OH is disturbing in many ways. It now is apparent that Ohio laws are lax, but for what reasons? How will the party in power react? By the way, that is the party proclaiming less regulations and individual freedoms.

I prepare Goggle bookmarks on the Google toolbar. Unfortunately, Google no longer supports their toolbar on Firefox. I then tried Google Chrome only to discover that its use of Google bookmarks is cumbersome and inefficient.

And now to explain my announcement. Those of you that were fortunate enough to read this on Thursday are much luckier than others who may not get the chance. After all, Harold Camping has recalculated the rapture and the end of the world to be Friday, October 21st. So, why am I getting a prostate exam Friday morning?

Meanwhile, to those left behind, have a good weekend and may the words of Garrison Keillor stay with you: Be well, do good works, and stay in touch. 🙂 … I just could pass this one up. See ya Monday.