Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 118

Well, all good things must come to an end, and with that I announce this is my last post. I’ll explain at the end.

On Politics
I continue my streak of not watching the new GOP debate series. Meanwhile, some pundits are predicting Newt Gingrich will lead the next anybody-but-Romney wave.

Last week I watched Meet the Press and observed Herman Cain making too many contradictions.

Hooray for Social Security recipients getting their first COLA raise since 2009.

Sorry Senator Rubio (R-FL), I do not believe the public would not have tolerated aggressively sending US troops into Libya.

Those waiting on the Super Committee results, prepare for a 7-5 vote as the GOP decides how they cast their votes.

In 2012, many independents will cast a vote opposing someone over supporting a candidate – thus setting up the winner to misread the mandate.

As Election Day 2011 approaches, I continue to believe that elected judges at any level should not run attached to a party, should not receive a party endorsement, and should not receive party support.

There is no doubt in my mind that Robert Jeffress, the Dallas pastor supporting Rick Perry and referred Mormonism a “cult” and “nonChristian”, is using religious bigotry to promote politics. Does he not reject candidates based on religion?Read his column in the Washington Post to see.

Interestingly, this NBC poll shows that the percentage of likely GOP primary voters in two early primary states whom seemingly agree with Rev. Jeffress: South Carolina (53%) and Florida (42%).

In accordance with our state constitution, Ohio has redrawn its district boundaries. The result is both legal and pathetic.

I remind Speaker Boehner that it is Week 41 of the Boehner-led House without a jobs bill. To quote Speaker Boehner, “Where are the jobs?”

Interesting Reads
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US Debt Accumulation by President
Tax Policy Center about 9-9-9
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A Google Interactive about What Taxes Pay For
Super Committee and Backroom Deals
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A short Then and Now video about Occupy Wall Street

On Headlines from The Onion
Republican Coma Candidate Dominates GOP Debate
Nation’s Dogs Dangerously Underpetted, Dogs Say
Leaf Hunting Season Begins
Smooth Jazz Musician Forced to Listen to Own Song Over and Over While on Hold with Time-Warner
New Co-op Airline Offers Cheaper Fares if You Help Fly the Plane

On Potpourri
What is next for Libya? Will Syria change?

We were supposed to play a round of night golf, which I have not done in double-digit years. Unfortunately, too much rain postponed the event until next week.

Mentioning the rain, Cincinnati needs about 1.2 more inches to have the wettest year on record. Wonder if we’ll get before the end of October!

The recent news about the wild animals in Zanesville, OH is disturbing in many ways. It now is apparent that Ohio laws are lax, but for what reasons? How will the party in power react? By the way, that is the party proclaiming less regulations and individual freedoms.

I prepare Goggle bookmarks on the Google toolbar. Unfortunately, Google no longer supports their toolbar on Firefox. I then tried Google Chrome only to discover that its use of Google bookmarks is cumbersome and inefficient.

And now to explain my announcement. Those of you that were fortunate enough to read this on Thursday are much luckier than others who may not get the chance. After all, Harold Camping has recalculated the rapture and the end of the world to be Friday, October 21st. So, why am I getting a prostate exam Friday morning?

Meanwhile, to those left behind, have a good weekend and may the words of Garrison Keillor stay with you: Be well, do good works, and stay in touch. 🙂 … I just could pass this one up. See ya Monday.

23 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 118

  1. Great Caesar’s Ghost, man, don’t scare me like that! I thought we were losing you forever! Besides, you misunderstood the headline. Harold Camping was merely stating he was updating his record collection by adding Blondie’s “Rapture”.
    I can’t quote sources, but I have read (somewhere) that Kasich allowed the existing ban to lapse shortly after taking office, because certain of his “acquaintances” owned similar types of exotic animal “parks”. The Ohio legislature has also yet to act on “Nitro’s Law”, a law making it a felony to starve animals at a kennel or boarding place to death. Nitro was a Rottweiler left at a “dog school” by his owner for training, only to die when the school purposefully starved him to death to maximise their profits. And I won’t even go into detail on the myriad “puppy mills” operating here, especially in Amish country. I feel most sorry for the police, deprived of helicopter spotting by weather and with tranquiliser gear over 2 hours away, having to shoot the animals. They did their VERY difficult jobs well.
    Enjoy your Friday and weekend, my friend, and if you DO take a trip to Heaven, tell them to send me down a cold tea every now and again. I’ll be sure to gegt my pitchfork polished, just in case. 😉 😀


    • John,
      Sorry about that John … but I couldn’t resist. If it is any consolation, I was anxious to see your response!

      As you well know, stories are all over the map in our state regarding this incident. Did you read the link Nonnie provided? Wow … very interesting.
      I’m with you as I too can’t believe that law enforcement was thrilled with what they had to do. Nonetheless, now we switch to the Ohio legislature. Oh boy … this ought to be good. My guess is that they won’t wait long to do something … then again, what they do is another story. I recall your passion for Ntiro’s Law, so it will be interesting to see if they incorporate it into the issue around the Zanesville incident. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. i think jeffress is a bigot, but i’m going to defend him, if only a little bit. i would love to see religion taken out of politics completely, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. if jeffress wants to base his vote on who he considers “a real christian,” that’s his prerogative. if it’s his belief that mormonism is a cult, then that’s his opinion, and he’s allowed to have it. if the media did not give him a megaphone, his beliefs would have remained in the room where he made his remarks. i’d hazard a guess and say that a lot of people in that room thinks the same way that he does, so he probably didn’t change any minds.

    i won’t say that i find anything honorable about jeffress. i wouldn’t want to spend any time with him, and i’m sure there’s very little upon which we can agree. however, how much different is he than a lot of other people? he may be prejudiced against mormons, but are mormons who will vote for someone strictly because s/he is a mormom any better? how about someone who is jewish who prefers jewish candidates? americans of every ethnicity who favor candidates of the same ethnicity?

    as for marco rubio, did you read about his “exile family?” his “compelling” personal story was a bunch of made-up hooey. his parents did come here from cuba, but while castro was still in mexico. they weren’t exiles. they came here through normal immigration channels.


    • Nonnie,
      Excellent points. Wow … agree that Jeffress is a religious bigot, and yes, he has that right to believe it and say it. Although many to the right feel the need to promote the marriage between politics and religion, whew … I sure wish it wasn’t so. The last episode of PBS’s God and America focused on the topic and focused on the 20th century up to date. I found it interesting. Thanks for taking the time to share your perspective and give excellent examples.


  3. I agree–do not scare me! Debt, Republican Debates, Underpetted Dogs–oh the horror, the horror. Keep your doctor’s appointment, so we can have something personal to laugh at/with/about next week.


  4. Pingback: Herman Cain 2012 President » hermancain.electionnewstweets.com » Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 117

    • Beagz,
      Thanks for confirming the success. Then again, the day isn’t over, nor did Mr. Camping give us a time. Oh no … I just thought about this – I probably upset Belle’s daily equilibrium. Have a good weekend and thanks for commenting.


  5. Wow, Frank, that was quite a cliffhanger! I couldn’t help skipping to the end. Then I read the rest 😛

    I just heard about the situation in Ohio today. I think shooting the animals with bullets was wrong. Maybe it was an issue of the wrong group responding to the situation, but couldn’t they have hit them with tranquilizer darts?

    As for the rapture–shouldn’t affect me! I am fully confident I won’t be counted among those swept up.


    • Scott,
      LOL … glad you approved! And coming from a writer as yourself, quite the praise.

      Like any story, the animal situation here is more complex than it appears. The issue of having exotic animals aside, the owner snapped, released the animals, and then took his own life. Fortunately, a famed wildlife expert Jack Hanna is in Columbus (not far away) came in to help too. In term of tranquilizers, JH said that they should be used at night … especially since animals can go through a period of rage after getting hit … which did happen, and the lion (?) changed the shooter – thus was shot. I know that is only one example.

      The situation has political overtones as well. The action of the previous governor, then the new governor, an emotional issue on a ballot, … yep … politics. In other words, besides a black eye on the state, more complex than meets the eye.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


    • Rita,
      LOL … Brilliant …. and cheers to a first-time visitor. My topics are all over the place, but on Monday focuses on something entertaining to start the week. 🙂 … hope you return and many thanks for visiting and commenting.


  6. You scoundrel! “Why I oughta….” I really thought you were closing shop. I was furious at you! My husband is rolling on the floor in laughter at your line about “receiving one heck of a goose.” (It must be boy humor 🙂

    Whew! Well, see you on Monday, Frank.


    • E-Tom,
      Glad you took the bait .. but you must admit that I did make a connection … although warped. 🙂 … Then again, I’m glad I have you husband a good chuckle . Well, he must be able to relate to the goose of a prostate exam. Thanks for stopping by and your last post!


    • Welcome Rufus, the first-time visitor here.
      I have been incorporate headlines from The Onion of late as they bring a good chuckle. My fav this week is a tie b/w the lastest GOP candidate or leaf hunting season. Meanwhile I hope you return and I also encourage other interested in food and drink to visit your wonderful site. Thanks for visiting.


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