On a Note to Sport

Well … another end of the world proclamation has come and gone. Is two in one year a record? Otherwise, hope you had a good weekend. My weekend highlights included ballroom dance at the studio, a 4-hour handball techniques workshop, and dinner with friends.

For whatever reason, many Americans picture the British as stiff and serious; however, Benny Hill, Monty Python, and others provide the opposite impression. Then again, we have of tendency to think of our northern neighbors as those crazy Canadians; yet I imagine they could identify some the anal retentives in their midst.

And then there are the Australians – who some say make the Canadians look tame and sane. Then again, maybe it’s a positive aspect of their culture that knows how to keep a perspective in life.

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, do you know the name Rolf Harris? He’s an Australian legend that now lives in England. In this video he leads the audience in a song they love. (Thanks Don.) Crazy as it sounds, I recall this tune when it was a hit in the US. Enjoy and have a good week.