On a Note to Sport

Well … another end of the world proclamation has come and gone. Is two in one year a record? Otherwise, hope you had a good weekend. My weekend highlights included ballroom dance at the studio, a 4-hour handball techniques workshop, and dinner with friends.

For whatever reason, many Americans picture the British as stiff and serious; however, Benny Hill, Monty Python, and others provide the opposite impression. Then again, we have of tendency to think of our northern neighbors as those crazy Canadians; yet I imagine they could identify some the anal retentives in their midst.

And then there are the Australians – who some say make the Canadians look tame and sane. Then again, maybe it’s a positive aspect of their culture that knows how to keep a perspective in life.

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, do you know the name Rolf Harris? He’s an Australian legend that now lives in England. In this video he leads the audience in a song they love. (Thanks Don.) Crazy as it sounds, I recall this tune when it was a hit in the US. Enjoy and have a good week.

19 thoughts on “On a Note to Sport

  1. I love that song! I’ve been told there’s two ways to have fun down under. Find an Aussie, and tell him that you don’t understand why everybody makes fun of the Aussies – they’re just like us Americans. Then duck FAST. The other? Find a Kiwi (New Zealander) and tell him he’s “just like an Aussie”. Then run like HECK!
    And could it possibly be that everyone WAS raptured, except going down rather than up? Naw, the GOP yahoos are still around – I just saw Bachmann flapping her gums as I cruised past Fox News. 😀


    • John,
      Thanks for the travel tips if I ever make it to Australia and/or New Zealand. Very helpful I’m sure … especially the duck and run part!

      What?!?!?!?! Bachmann didn’t get raptured? I’m stunned! Nonetheless, glad you liked the song .. and many thanks for commenting.


      • Are you kidding? God doesn’t want her, and Satan’s scared poopless he’s gonna get stuck with her! If you die before she does, and are afraid of going to Hell, take earplugs – you’ll get an instant upgrade to air-conditioning! (Not that a saintly person such as yourself has ANYTHING to worry about that. Just punt a cold one over the edge to me from time to time, okay? 😀 )


  2. Damn…I haven’t heard that in years. Thanks for the memories…oh, wait..hat’s Bob Hope’s line…

    Funny how this blog thing works…Hansi posts on CantankerousOldCoots, a blog I’m somewhat affiliated with, and he posts on his blog about it.

    You, I assume (I know…I know…don’t bother) see his post at HH, go to Coots and leave a comment, which I see and follow you here.

    Damn…I’ll bet every bit of all this internet traffic that consumes billions of dollars and spawned God knows how many millionaires and billionaires is really just 5-10 of us following each other around…


    • Welcome First-Timer Bob … glad to have you.

      Yep .. that is how it happened. Let’s face it – who doesn’t want more traffic. Since I’m not about gimmicks, self-promotion, craziness, or whatever, I rely a lot on visiting other places. Then again, that’s the slow and questionably effective way. Oh well, that means its both fun and frustrating. Nonetheless, glad you took the time to visit & hope you return.


    • Les,
      LOL …. But I love that song! 🙂 BTW. In listening to the beat, the people are clapping on the “off” beat. Interestingly, I can’t recall ever hearing an audience doing that in mass before. However, there is a natural “off beat” rhythm in the song to helps. Thanks for commenting.


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