On Blocks of Granite

Not all that long ago while poll results were hailing Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) as the front-runner, I calmly suggested, “Keep her talking.” She did, fact-check observers did their job, thus down in the polls so goes. With that in mind, is there any surprise to the latest news that her New Hampshire team has imitated Elvis and left the building? I appreciate the paragraph below from the New Hampshire office’s statement.

The manner in which some in the national team conducted themselves towards Team-¬NH was rude, unprofessional, dishonest, and at times cruel. But more concerning was how abrasive, discourteous, and dismissive some within the national team were towards many New Hampshire citizens. These are our neighbors and our friends, and some within the national team treated them more as a nuisance than as potential supporters.

Meanwhile, today is a day with another new theme/layout. What do you think? The images below are of Possible Sample 1 and the Original. Meanwhile, tomorrow will show the third (and hopefully the last) sample.

Sample 1


23 thoughts on “On Blocks of Granite

  1. i like things about this theme, but i think i like the original best. sample 1 is very pretty, and the background goes really well with the banner pic. however, in addition to my slight complaint of yesterday, i think the side panels are too wide. oops, just realized the panels are the same width, it’s the size of the margins that are different. i like the main text area being given more space. the present theme allots lots of space to the main text, but i’m not too crazy about the side panel. i think the original’s side panels’ font (as well as the headline font) is more attractive. don’t get me wrong–all of them are nice, and i wouldn’t mind any of them. maybe the original is just what i’m used to, and that’s why it appeals to me.


    • Nonnie,
      Wow … excellent feedback as these are some of the things that I have wondered too. One of the general concerns I look at is the overall width of the title & header area. So who knows, maybe the original survives. Again, many many thanks!


    • Meesh,
      Sample 1’s look is very sharp, especially with the my header image blending well with background. Plus I like the use of the color gradients. Thanks for the feedback, one more to come.


  2. Tough decision. I love the colors in Sample 1 and the way the header blends with those colors. I also like crisp, clean simplicity of this one. I can see why you’re asking for help in making the choice.

    Good luck. 🙂


    • Robin,
      It’s good to get a photographer’s opinion. At least I only have one more to test (the next post later tonight for tomorrow). Who knows what I’ll do, but thanks for taking the time to visit and give feedback.


    • Rita,
      Many thanks … and one more to go. I see pluses and minuses in all of them, but I’m trying to keep that to myself as I take in the comments from the readers. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I’m gonna have to vote retro – the original layout. Quite a surprise from a guy who studies history and collects old stuff, eh? 😉


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