Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 119

On Politics
The latest Mitt Romney side-step/misstep started less than 10 miles from my house during his Cincinnati visit.

I admit it: I found the Herman Cain ad with the smoker amusing, especially since it sparked many parodies.

Recently seeing Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) reminds me of this question: Are the House Ethics Committee and Senate Ethics Committee oxymorons?

Congratulations Congress on reaching the single-digit approval level! That’s ok Senator McConnell (R-KY), just keep blaming President Obama. Oh wait … Ohio’s 9th Congressional District has the answer: Send Joe the Plumber to Congress! Oops, I meant Sam I am, but does he like green eggs and ham?

If I understood Speaker Boehner (R-OH) correctly, no agreement by the Super Committee is unacceptable and any increases in tax revenues is a nonstarter. Of course his answer to the “cake or ice cream” question is, I want the whole damn buffet and the ability to determine what’s on it.

By the way, I remind Speaker Boehner that it is Week 42 of the Boehner-led House without a jobs bill. To quote Speaker Boehner, “Where are the jobs?” Meanwhile, I’m getting tired of these reminders.

Interesting Reads

On Headlines from The Onion

  • French Teacher Forces Student to Inform Her of Bathroom Fire in French
  • Genetically Modified Shrieking Broccoli Toned Down
  • New Decoy Website Launched to Lure Away All Moronic Internet Commenters
  • Comatose GOP Candidate Drops Out of Race due to Sex Scandal
  • QB Eli Manning Announces Second Down is His Favorite Down

On Potpourri
Thoughts and prayers to victims of Turkey’s earthquake and Thailand’s floods.

Thanks for the feedback this week on a possible new theme/layout/template for this blog. Time is tell what happens, meanwhile, it’s back to the original.

Hip, Hop – Hooray! A new annual rainfall record for Cincinnati!

I continue to maintain that the bias of the listener is a major (but not the only) contributor to media bias. FOX News is about as fair, balanced, and predictable as a fight between Popeye and Bluto. Nonetheless, see this article about FOX News by Bruce Bartlett. Then again, the comments following the article are not only interesting, and support my point.

I have not played night golf in over 10 years, but this past Tuesday was an interesting twist to an already difficult game. Trying to hit a ball without normal depth perception is an interesting challenge – let alone a ball that does not travel as far. Nonetheless, we had fun.

An Oregon kindergarten was using a pit bull to teach how to avoid dog bites. Hmmm…….

I do not actively look for artists, but sometimes I stumble across interesting treasures that continue to show the creative human ingenuity. See this work by Alex Queral. Thanks to Kay for the discovery. For those who like storm photos, click here.

It’s Halloween weekend, so enjoy this awesome animation. Many thanks IzaakMac!

It’s time for me to take a break from my daily routine here, just a break for 7-10 days. Although I am in a minor cyberfunk, nothing serious, a break is good – but it also means I could miss the debut of a long-awaited blog – simply one of those a person can look back and wonder, “I remember _ when _. I wonder if _ remembers me?”

Y’all come back now and enjoy this great commercial.

18 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 119

  1. “Are the House and Senate Ethics Committees an oxymoron”? Well, they’re at least half of that.
    I hate to say it, but more and more my source of US news are The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. At least you know with them when they are being silly and when they’re being serious!
    Have a good break, and I hope you get over your cyberfunk soon. My cold/flu funk is working on it’s 3rd week, which is why my comments have been so late. Maybe, with a freight train load of luck, I can get back into responding earlier, so I have time in the evenings to get some work done!


    • John,
      And I know I don’t watch enough Stewart and Cobert. More importantly, hope you shake your cold/flu bug soon as I know it’s be lingering around too long. Time seems to be a cure-all for a lot of things. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  2. I found the Cain ad with the smoker pretty interesting as well. It’s like the guy just had sex with the viewer…or with Herman Cain. One or the other.

    Or maybe there’s a different message: vote for Herman Cain. He’ll give you cancer.


  3. I don’t know how I stumbled on your sight but it’s brilliant (like your banner photo). I love the reading list and Onion headlines. You must be getting paid way more than I am to produce this stuff.
    Get away from that damn laptop and look off into the distance. We’ll be here when you get back.


    • Les,
      Glad you enjoy The Onion – of course from what I have read of your work that is no surprise. FYI: Opinions in the Shorts is a Friday tradition – plus you’ll enjoy Monday Morning Entertainment. OK … there’s something for you to see while I take my break. Back at ya after my hiatus. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


    • (PS) Les,
      I stand in awe of the images from the Hubble Telescope. (This header is of the Orion Nebula). I periodically change them, so you can see past headers on their own page. (See the tab at the top). BTW … I stumbled across your blog (which is a hoot) and you gladly reciprocated. Beware … I’ll be sending others your way. 😉


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