On a Travel Day

Travel is full of various trials and tribulations. Here’s a snapshot of the thrills and chills of our trip from Cincinnati to San Juan.

Boo! Gotta rise and shine at 4 AM to catch the early flight.

Cheers! The plane pushes back 5 minutes early.

Boo! For whatever reason, we didn’t move after that.

Yea! Had to get deiced – but boo! We had to wait again!

Yippee! We are up in the air!

Boo! 30 minutes late.

Hiss! Pilot announces that we will take a longer route to Miami due to weather along the way.

Yea! We land in Miami.

Boo! Our flight to San Juan is departing.

Groan! The next flight to San Juan is in 3 hours.

Ouch! We got standby tickets as the next flight was oversold.

Cheers! We get seats!

Yea! Safely arrived in San Juan, luggage made it, thus taxi to the hotel.

Boo! Our assigned room had an electrical issue.

Yea! The hotel manager already transferred us to a different hotel.

Cheers! The manager paid for the taxi, gave us two free breakfast/bunch meals for the next day ($19 each), and refunded our stay!

A better ending than we imaged. Bon Voyage! Off to joyous board the Serenade of the Seas the next day.