On a Balance Check

Our inner ear is one of our balance detection points for the human body. Since I’m prone to motion sickness, I use the prescription medication “patch” when cruising. It works fine, but I get the side effect of horrible motion sickness about 36 hours after removing it. Ah ha … this time I effectively managed the side effects!!!

To understand what this post has to do with your Monday Morning Entertainment, see this video. I hope everyone has a good week.

12 thoughts on “On a Balance Check

  1. i get really queasy on airplanes, too, frank, and i found something i really didn’t think would work but does. i bought some acupressure wristbands. i think i got them at walgreens, and as i remember, they were cheap (i got them many years ago). you adjust them so that a plastic bead goes over the right spot, and no meds needed.


    • Tim,
      It’s a POSSIBLE side effect that one MAY encounter. Of those that I’ve talked to, I’m the only one with this problem. By the way, we’re planning one for next year! Thanks for reading!


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