On Cruising the Southern Caribbean

Nothing serious today … just a few images of our recent cruise. After all, they have been requested.

From a Fort at San Juan Point (El Morro) Looking Back

I could avoided taking this picture of a store near the port

Our Ship: Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas

St. Thomas from the Ship

From St. Kitts Looking at the Island of Nevis

St Kitts: Where the Atlantic Meets the Gulf

Iguana in Aruba (Cactus everywhere in Aruba)

Willemstad, Curacao from the Ship

Willemstad’s Floating Bridge that Swings to Let Boats/Ships Pass

20 thoughts on “On Cruising the Southern Caribbean

    • Otto,
      The Caribbean isn’t a place neither of us have anxiously waited to visit. To be honest, we went more for cruising than the destinations. Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves and would return in the future. Given that it isn’t very far, a week during the winter to recharge ourselves is not out of the question. Many thanks for visiting.


  1. Beautiful photos! We came back from a cruise on the Royal Caribbean (Monarch of the Seas) to the Bahamas. It was a lot of fun and these pictures remind me of our trip this past June. Glad you had a good time! I have a short video of it somewhere in my blogs in June.


    • Java Girl,
      Welcome first time commenter. It was a good trip … love the ship as we were very entertained. Shows, dancing, food, and good people! I’ll stop by for your video. Thanks for visiting.


  2. You know, when we went cruising back in 1988, I got so many weird looks when, looking at the rows of ships leaving and coming into port, I commented to my wife what juicy U-boat targets they’d make. Some people! 😀
    p.s. Love the frog!


    • Kay,
      A beautiful region of the world … and my first visit to the Caribbean. We saw other Senor Frog locations, but this was the only one with the frog on top of the building. There is also a tall frog statue (7 ft or so) by the front door. I recommend this cruise! Thanks for visiting!


  3. Oh that was nice I enjoyed looking at the pictures. St. Thomas I’ve always wanted to go it looks beautiful. Looks like a really nice trip I can just imagine all the sunshine and tropical views.


    • Starla,
      This trip was a pleasant surprise – plus our stops were different from each other. So if you ever consider a Caribbean trip, I recommend the southern Caribbean. Thanks for visiting this past post.


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