On a Political Mood

Close observers know I post my share of political commentaries. Then again, those same people may have noticed that I have not posted on the politics in a few weeks. Let me set the stage.

  • I will vote in the Ohio Republican Primary
  • As a centrist (moderate independent), I was leaning toward John McCain, but selecting Sarah Palin closed the “not so” deal (My 10/01/2008 explanation)
  • Nope, I did not vote for President Obama, thus leaving that part of my ballot blank
  • My tendency is that no matter the party affiliation, I hope our president is successful
  • Ever since the 2008 election, the action of the GOP has pushed me away
  • The current slate of Republican candidates is (at best) a sorry bunch
  • I have not tortured myself by watching any of the televised Republican debates, but have stayed informed
  • To no avail, I cautioned the Democrats in 2008 and the Republicans in 2010 about misreading the election results and overreaching

As a swing vote, especially one in a swing state, each party wants my vote so they can declare their version of a voter mandate; however, they do not want my policies. The Democrats do not want ideas from a fiscal conservative and the Republicans do not want to hear from socially liberal ideas.

Election 2012 is shaping up as another battle of the ideologies. I have often said that current slate of candidates embarrasses traditional Republicans. Although some will also say that they will vote for President Obama in 2012, I know that most of them will still vote for the Republican candidate because that is what they do.

I know it’s still relatively early, but where does all this leave me? Although everyone must be cautious when saying never, but the chance of me voting for the GOP candidate for president in November 2012 is very slim. After all, what are the odds that the Republican will nominate a sensible slate?

On the other hand, the odds are much better than I will cast a vote for President Obama. Maybe not so much in support of the Democratic party, but as a vote against the Republicans and their obstructionist, too-far-to-the-right ways … and of course, at the expense of helping the Democratic party misread the voter mandate.