Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 120

On Politics
As predicted, Newt Gingrich’s time to shine in the can’t-commit-to-Mitt sun. The two questions that come to mind are how long will it last and will Rick Santorum be next. Meanwhile, I was going to link the Newt-Freddie Mac story, but it’s national news now.

Gov Perry’s recent inability to name the third agency didn’t bother me. Besides, I appreciate the way he was able to laugh at himself.

I continue to be disinterested and bored with the GOP slate – thus a reason why I haven’t watched any of the debates (which actually aren’t). Maybe that’s why I appreciate this column about questions to the candidates.

I appreciate this quote from Bill Tammeus: Herman Cain says  God told him to run for president. I’m not sure why (well, if) God is doing this, but 2012 will be the 12th time I’ve voted for president and so far God has never told me for whom to vote.

Countdown on the Super Committee is approaching. Are they stupid enough not to reach of deal? I say yes. Nonetheless, here’s an interesting look at their potential failure.

C-Span seeks to televise the health care arguments at the US Supreme Court. I hope they got it.

On Headlines from The Onion
Magnanimous Bank Owner Hires Occupy Wall Street Protesters
Even Newt Gingrich a Little Depressed by Prospect of Him Running for President
Joe Theismann’s Contract Holdout Enters 26th Year
New Strip Mall of America Stretches Over 1/6th of North Dakota
Man to Sail Around World to Decrease Awareness of Important Issues
Obama’s Attempt to Pass Each Word of Jobs Bill Stalled on ‘Is’
Biden Minimizes Browser Window Every Time Obama Walks By
Pizza is a vegetable (Ooops … That’s not The Onion, but the Government)

On Interesting Reads
Swing Voters
How Our Era’s Dominant Stories Shape Our Lives
An Analysis of the Health Care Law at SCOTUS
David Brooks on Inequality
Maybe Good Politics, but Bad Theology
Nixon’s Spiritual Hunger
20 Ways to be a Better Person (A wonderful post)

On Potpourri
Oh no … our handbell choir suddenly lost two players and one more is leaving soon. YIKES! Fortunately, we are able to play this weekend, so hear The Morning Trumpet here.

Pamela Anderson is staring as the Virgin Mary in an upcoming Canadian TV holiday show. Hmmmm ….

For those that didn’t know, Ohio football teams were 0-4 against teams wearing gold: Bengals (Steelers), Browns (Rams), Bearcats (WVU), and Buckeyes (Purdue).

Woo Hoo … This weekend we have tickets to something we haven’t seen – the hit play, Wicked.

Thoughts and prayers to a good friend whose medical issues have turned her life upside down.

To send you into the weekend, see these stunning images of the Spanish coast from a self-taught photographer. Have a good weekend and may the words of Garrison Keillor stay with you: Be well, do good works, and stay in touch.