Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 120

On Politics
As predicted, Newt Gingrich’s time to shine in the can’t-commit-to-Mitt sun. The two questions that come to mind are how long will it last and will Rick Santorum be next. Meanwhile, I was going to link the Newt-Freddie Mac story, but it’s national news now.

Gov Perry’s recent inability to name the third agency didn’t bother me. Besides, I appreciate the way he was able to laugh at himself.

I continue to be disinterested and bored with the GOP slate – thus a reason why I haven’t watched any of the debates (which actually aren’t). Maybe that’s why I appreciate this column about questions to the candidates.

I appreciate this quote from Bill Tammeus: Herman Cain says  God told him to run for president. I’m not sure why (well, if) God is doing this, but 2012 will be the 12th time I’ve voted for president and so far God has never told me for whom to vote.

Countdown on the Super Committee is approaching. Are they stupid enough not to reach of deal? I say yes. Nonetheless, here’s an interesting look at their potential failure.

C-Span seeks to televise the health care arguments at the US Supreme Court. I hope they got it.

On Headlines from The Onion
Magnanimous Bank Owner Hires Occupy Wall Street Protesters
Even Newt Gingrich a Little Depressed by Prospect of Him Running for President
Joe Theismann’s Contract Holdout Enters 26th Year
New Strip Mall of America Stretches Over 1/6th of North Dakota
Man to Sail Around World to Decrease Awareness of Important Issues
Obama’s Attempt to Pass Each Word of Jobs Bill Stalled on ‘Is’
Biden Minimizes Browser Window Every Time Obama Walks By
Pizza is a vegetable (Ooops … That’s not The Onion, but the Government)

On Interesting Reads
Swing Voters
How Our Era’s Dominant Stories Shape Our Lives
An Analysis of the Health Care Law at SCOTUS
David Brooks on Inequality
Maybe Good Politics, but Bad Theology
Nixon’s Spiritual Hunger
20 Ways to be a Better Person (A wonderful post)

On Potpourri
Oh no … our handbell choir suddenly lost two players and one more is leaving soon. YIKES! Fortunately, we are able to play this weekend, so hear The Morning Trumpet here.

Pamela Anderson is staring as the Virgin Mary in an upcoming Canadian TV holiday show. Hmmmm ….

For those that didn’t know, Ohio football teams were 0-4 against teams wearing gold: Bengals (Steelers), Browns (Rams), Bearcats (WVU), and Buckeyes (Purdue).

Woo Hoo … This weekend we have tickets to something we haven’t seen – the hit play, Wicked.

Thoughts and prayers to a good friend whose medical issues have turned her life upside down.

To send you into the weekend, see these stunning images of the Spanish coast from a self-taught photographer. Have a good weekend and may the words of Garrison Keillor stay with you: Be well, do good works, and stay in touch.

32 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 120

  1. Obama’s Attempt to Pass Each Word of Jobs Bill Stalled on ‘Is’
    Biden Minimizes Browser Window Every Time Obama Walks By

    These two cracked me up … don’t know why, they just did. 🙂

    Let me know what you think of Wicked … hubby and I both loved it!

    I’ll keep your friend in mind for my daily devotionals. Give her *hugs* from me.


    • D-Fae,
      Gotta agree with you on those two headlines from The Onion as they crack me up too. When I saw the Biden one yesterday, it was a must use!

      Thanks for your Wicked endorsement (oh yes, another one :)) and best the best wishes for my friend. I just saw an electronic update from her family, and there is some immediate progress – but a tough flight ahead.

      BTW – I can’t recall where … but I commented after you on one of your friends site, and called you Dragon Lady. 🙂 Have a good weekend & thanks for commenting.


        • D-Fae,
          I was also trying to yank your friend’s chain a big, but she didn’t even nibble on the bait. 😉 … but, at least we know you are the Dragon Lady at work! Well done … and have a good weekend.


  2. I wish I had more time and could check out some of the links. I will say Wicked is an excellent play and you should enjoy it.

    I understand the turmoil health issues can cause and have several close to me fighting battles of their own right now.. Thoughts to your friend.

    Have a good weekend.


    • Miss Demure,
      A special welcome to a first-time visitor. Thanks for endorsing Wicked … and I still haven’t heard a negative comment about it, so we are looking forward to our first exposure … and many thanks for the thoughts for our friend. It’s been a tough 7 days for her and their family. Although the thought is getting her home early next week, a fear a tough battle ahead.

      Meanwhile, I tip of the hat to you. Not only your post about blogging was wonderful (and congrats again for being on Freshly Pressed). I appreciate that you practice what you preach. Wow … you replied to the comments and returned the visit. Although that is something I too believe in, but to do it at that volume deserves praise. Thanks for being a good example …. and thanks for taking the time to visit and comment here!


  3. those photographs are breathtakingly beautiful! they look like scenes from a science fiction film about another planet.

    (psst…it’s freddie mac that ♥ newtie and vice versa, not fannie mae.)


    • Nonnie,
      Seeing those pics stopped me right in my tracks, thus I knew I had to link them in this post. Meanwhile, thanks for your note about my mistake (which I corrected). Shame on me … and how could I forget Mac and Me. 🙂 As always, many thanks for visiting and commenting.


  4. Like you I continue to only observe the GOP debates from afar. Even at a distance it’s painful to watch. Like Onion headline, “even Newt a little depressed….” It’s a sad state of affairs when the GOP is reduced to recycling failed candidates.


  5. Nice summary post. Can’t go wrong with the Onion.

    Not sure if the following is out of line here – Is your disinterest in the candidates due to the fact that the vast majority are very one note?
    It seems that all of them have one message – bash govt. Regardless of anything good that govt does (and there is some), there entire campaigns seem to distill down to that message.
    And if elected, much of what they propose wouldn’t happen. How will Perry make Congress part time if Congress has to approve that?
    And even Reagan couldn’t get rid of the Dept of Ed, when it was just a few years old?

    Also, for all that they speak of States Rights and individual freedom, I don’t understand their clamoring for FEDERAL legislation on abortion, marriage, et al. this seems to be in direct conflict with “keep govt out of our lives”, and I haven’t figured out how to reconcile the 2 positions of limited govt/govt in the bedroom…
    (I am straight and happily married, but who cares either way?)

    For myself, I don’t understand the dynamics of this (or the last) election cycle at all. More Cult of Personality than Good, Doable Ideas….

    Won’t be offended if my comment gets bumped. Politics gets people bent. More so in (almost) election years


    • El Guapo,
      Many thanks for the prayers and best wishes for my friend. Heavy hearts for sure … but still hope … and she’s normally a fighter!

      That Garrison keillor quote is my fav. He’s voice is perfect for NPR’s Writer’s Almanac.


        • El Guapo,
          I don’t know Selected Shorts, but sounds interesting. Of course I’ll check local listings because each NPR station can have a different schedule.Thanks for sharing.


  6. Frank: I read you from cover to cover as I enjoyed my morning coffee. I especially liked the article on Good Politics but Bad Theology. I was delighted to join the anti-poverty initiative, and I loved the 20 Ways to be a Better Person. Whew! Now I can skip church on Sunday! 🙂

    All the best. ET


  7. Pam Anderson as the Virgin Mary. Where the heck is Ripley when you need him? 😀
    Best wishes to your sick friend, hope she gets better soon!
    Have a good weekend, and enjoy “Wicked”!


    • John,
      Thanks for not letting me down. Nobody was commenting on Pam’s part, but you came through. 🙂

      Many thanks for the best wishes of my sick friend. She’s quite the spirited type and everyone is pulling for her. Thanks for your continual comments!


  8. My weekend is always so much better once I read your post and follow the links! Thanks. The Spanish coast photos are gorgeous. Like one of your other readers, I have read Wicked but not seen the play yet–but I am sure you will love it. I have never heard anyone give a negative review! The Onion headlines are always delightful.

    On the government’s claim that pizza is a vegetable, or at least the tomato suace is, I have to laugh. But I think I may choose to believe this “fact”–it makes pizza a diet food, right? That could work! Too bad the government’s other “truths” are not so appetizing.

    Enjoy your weekend–and good wishes to your friend, to all struggling with health issues.


    • Patti,
      I will give you the scoop on Wicked soon. But given that we haven’t heard anything bad, I guess it won’t be much news. … and yes, the Spanish coast pics are gorgeous.

      Regarding the Pizza is a vegetable, great point about diet food. Plus given Meat Lovers pizza, meat is now a vegetable.

      Thanks for visiting, commenting, and wishing the best for my friend!


  9. Dear Frank,
    I hope your friend gets better soon. Prayers help. Since you have so many people reading your post, She should be doing very well now, but I’ll add mine as well. I love the Header. Beautiful picture, and it seems to fit the Thoughts from the Inner Mind thing you have going. Love your observations, your pictures, and your humor.
    Someday, I’m going to learn to use the camera and the computer together too. then watch out =)


    • Maria,
      Many thanks for my friend’s health. Good news is that the short-term issues are getting much better, yet still is much unknown about the long-term concerns. The number of comments made here have pleasantly surprised me, and I have passed them along to her!

      Thanks for the kind words on my header. Most of my headers (which I do like to periodically change) are from the Hubble Telescope. I simply find pictures of deep space to be awe inspiring and mystical … thus my appreciation for a very grand creation – which I share in my posts in the “Religion & Science” category.

      Links to the Hubble Gallery and the gallery from the European Southern Observatory are in the POTPOURRI collection of links in the sidebar. Visit and enjoy!

      Thanks for commenting.


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