On a United Change for Monday

Hope everyone had a good and safe weekend. We were active: ballroom dance Friday night and time in the hot tub, hopefully the final leaf pickup of the year, handbell song at church, a church wine tasting group event, and seeing Wicked for the first time.

With it being Thanksgiving week here in the US, for many that means a short work week and time on the road. For me as a blogger, it will probably be fewer posts that normal – meaning I will probably only post Monday through Wednesday this week. But who knows, maybe I will do an extra post on Saturday.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I think about the Playing for Change Foundation, which helps bring the world together through music.Enjoy this United video, and have a good week.

25 thoughts on “On a United Change for Monday

    • Patti,
      An early Thanksgiving wish to you too … but I’m also posting for the next two days. 🙂 … Since you like the video, follow the Playing for Change link to see some of the ones from the past. I love ’em. Thanks for commenting.


  1. Hi,
    I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.
    I knew it must of been getting close, as a lot of blogs are talking about Thanksgiving. We don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia. 🙂


    • Mags,
      Many thanks for the Thanksgiving wish. It’s a good holiday .. and actually the much closes for the day – although the anticipation (by many, not me) for the first shopping day of the Christmas season. What I mean is that stores are opening earlier and earlier … and actually creeping into Thanksgiving Day. Oh well … many thanks for stopping by.


    • Sami,
      Welcome first-time visitor … and as you see, I reciprocate. 🙂 … but wait .. I can’t figure out where you are (that is ‘no Thanksgiving here”). None the less, thanks for the best wishes and for taking the time to visit and comment.


    • Michael,
      A special welcome to a first-time commenter. Aussie if I recall, but I maybe wrong.

      As an event for the day, I say Christmas – but Thanksgiving serves as the kickoff to the Christmas retail season (although stores display Christmas items on Nov 1, the day after Halloween). Interestingly, I believe more air travel is linked to Thanksgiving weekend. Oh well … thanks for visiting.


  2. Nice mellow post, nice mellow song.
    Perfect sentiments for the holiday season..

    A joyous Thanksgiving to you, your family and friends, and readers.
    And a blanket “and you too” for anyone I missed.


  3. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving, my friend. My next few days will be spent in finding somewhere else to live, and then laying out the logistics for a move we are NOT prepared for. The joys of living amongst redneck morons.
    Don’t happen to have a guest house handy, eh? 😉


    • Hi Kay,
      Glad you liked this … and as a whole, I enjoy the entire of series as it reaches for the commonality in people through music. Simply a wonderful thought about us as humans. Thanks for commenting.


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