On a Thanksgiving Reprise

Thanksgiving starts each for the cook and for many travelers. Some have the family morning tradition of watching the Macy’s parade before the guest arrive.

The arrivals eventually descend on the host’s domain, and the feeding frenzy begins with appetizers – which happens to flow directly into the annual feast.

Everybody ate a lot and the many dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and glasses eventually cleaned and returned to their rightful place. Fortunately, the second feeding of the day uses disposable plates.

As the day nears an end, the adrenalin is starting to flow in crazies wanting to storm the retail Bastille for the Black Friday specials. On the other hand, some of us still want the calm of the holiday’s intent.

In Thanksgiving spirit, our handbell choir played this tune at Wednesday evening’s service. Enjoy.


23 thoughts on “On a Thanksgiving Reprise

  1. I will happily take the peace, be it purposeful ignorance of the Black Friday insanity, the cantankerous neighbors choosing to be somewhere else (all except the father, who has managed to NOT get 3 different vehicles running that worked a few days ago), or a day without my wife (which sucks) while enjoying old episodes of “Top Gear” (UK only – the US version is crap) and occasionally remembering our “mass birthday” celebrations (we would celebrate 3 of our 4 family members’ birthdays on Thanksgiving, as those 3 are all in December).
    Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving, Frank, and wishing that everyone out there is enjoying whatever the day brings, be it chaos or calm, riotous or relaxing, surrounded or single. Enjoy! πŸ™‚


    • John,
      I’m sure this Thanksgiving was a tad different, as well as one with more stress than one would want. I hope it is working out for you.

      We went to my sister-in-laws in Cleveland. Home now and trying to catch up on the comments! πŸ™‚ Hang in there good buddy!


    • Composer,
      I try to post the music around the time our choir plays it. If I can’t find it on YouTube, I provide an audio file from a music library (which has it most of the time). You mentioned on an interesting point about playing handbells which I will put another way – the player must play their notes based on the count (not what they hear) – otherwise, if using hearing and that person plays their note at the wrong time, major oops could be coming. If you didn’t notice (and since I know you like music), I hand a Handbells category in the sidebar. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  2. that was a little too relaxing. i’m still trying to come out of my tryptophan-induced coma, and those bells had me falling more deeply into it. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, frank. same to all of your readers.


    • Les,
      Glad the video reminded you of your best friend – although I’m sure he’s told you plenty about handbell choirs. Here’s something to ask. Handbell music is rated in level of difficulty … 1 to 6 … easy to difficult. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


    • Otto,
      Thanksgiving is the calm (well, except for the host), and then the shopping craze takes over on Friday for many. Thanks for letting me know that I was able to return to a mood of calmness. Thanks for visiting.


  3. Hi Frank: How was “The Cleve”? Loved the handbell concert (I am a musician and love most music, although I’ve never directed handbells), and I loved the discertation in your other post about Pinot Noir which is so true. As soon as you mentioned Sideways, I knew why you’re turning into my buddy.

    Welcome back and enjoy your week! ET


    • E-Tom,
      My wife and I have been playing handbells for about 5 years. We actually started as a very small chimes choir … grew … and then converted to a handbell choir as the equipment magically came to us. For a group that only practices 75 minutes a week, we play well. FYI: I have a Handbell section in the Categories.

      Yep – I love wine too … especially reds – and I like a variety of them as well. Trying different wines is a lot of fun, thus I enjoy attending educational tastings. I have also visited wineries in Willamette Valley Oregon, California regions of Napa and Sonoma (several times), Paso Robles, and San Ynez. … and even Virgina wine area around Charlottesville.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Cleveland was fine. Pleasant weather (sunny and abnormally warm).


  4. “As the day nears an end, the adrenalin is starting to flow in crazies wanting to storm the retail Bastille for the Black Friday specials. On the other hand, some of us still want the calm of the holiday’s intent.”

    Great thought and use of the language!


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