On a Musical Drill

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We went to my sister-in-laws for a few good days with the family. Amazingly, we mostly encountered reasonable traffic during the 3+ hours of driving each day.

The initiation of this post came from two unrelated sources. First from Patti, the author of Learn More Everyday, who gave thanks to her dentist – yep – simply because she was better after the office visit.

The second source was a good guy named Ed, a person that I got to know well during a 2009-2010 project. Recently I have been thinking about Ed and the others at that location – then surprisingly I to a message from him. Knowing that a have an interest in the unique, he provided an interestingly link to the MozART Group, a Polish string quartet.

OK – the title of his post includes musical drill. I mentioned Patti’s thanks to her dentist and contact from an Ed in my past. For those who remember and enjoy Victor Borge, you will enjoy this musical treat. Have a good week.