On a Time to Thank Congress

Everyone knows that the US Congress has unprecedented low approval ratings. With that in mind, I admit that the recent Thanksgiving holiday caused me to reflect about Congress in a different way, so here are a few thoughts in the spirit of the season.

Thank you Congress for encouraging agencies to lower the country’s bond rating.

Thank you Congress for letting the financial industry run wild and artificially stimulating the housing market at the expense of lowering our property values.

Thank you Congress for doing what it takes to limit the growth in my total assets.

Thank you Congress for allowing the justice system to send Martha Stewart to jail for doing what you can do legally.

Thank you Congress for demonstrating that Congressional Ethics is an oxymoron.

Thank you Congress for wanting a worthless Balanced Budget Amendment to force you to do want you cannot do on your own and still get re-elected.

Thank you Congress for mismanaging income and expenses for so many years. Yes, doing good times and during bad times, we can count on your consistency.

Thank you Congress for demonstrating that it’s not what a citizen can do for the country, it’s want the citizen can do for the party.

Since there is so much more for which to thank Congress, I encourage others to add more thanks in the comments below.