On an Autograph

Here’s a light-hearted post for today.

Most, if not all, of us have had opportunities to get an autograph. Some of us are shy enough never to pursue the opportunity while others will jump at every opportunity possible. Then again, I imagine the majority of us are a somewhere between the two.

I imagine some autograph seekers keep them in a special place. Then again, if you may be like me, so it goes into a drawer or a stack only to be found at a later date – thus sparking a memory.

I recently stumbled across this autograph I got in 1988. With it I ask two questions: 1) Who is it? 2) Whose autograph have you ever received?

By the way, I’m probably willing to answer yes/no questions to help with hints.


43 thoughts on “On an Autograph

  1. Michelangelo’s. Definetely.

    I got Vanessa Redgrave’s autograph once because I happened to be standing next to her when someone else asked “will you give us autographs”? I never knew exactly what to do with them. Of course, that was long before E-bay.

    Fun idea for a post.


    • Elyse,
      Michelangelo … the artist/sculpture or the Ninja Turtle?

      Funny about Vanessa Redgrave. One’s got to wonder how many times each of us have been in the presence of a celebrity and didn’t know it. Meanwhile, I will do a separate comment with hints based on the various comments so far. Hope you return and thanks for sharing your story.


  2. No clue! Some doctor since it is so hard to read!

    I have a photo of Tennessee Williams. It was about 2 in the afternoon on a weekday during spring break in Key West, FL. Those of us on break were all lit majors, so we knew he oived here and had plans to drive by his house, etc. But then we spotted him regally wandering towards home–it was hot, but he was wearing a full length mink coat. We stopped him and asked if we could take a picture. As he was trying to mumble, “no,” we posed and a friend started trying to take the picture but the camera was not working right, so memory says it took about 5 re-dos. He wandered off before we thought to ask for an autograph. I’ll have to dig out that photo!


    • Patti,
      Thanks for sharing the Tennessee Williams story. Once you find the photo, write a post! Meanwhile, I would think that you are aware of this person. Very soon, I will be posting a separate comment with hints based on various comments. Hope you return.


    • John,
      Wow … and all along I was expecting to sign in this morning to see you get the answer. Make sure you see the my comment with the various hints that I will be doing very soon. You’ve gotta come back because this autograph is one that you will appreciate.


  3. Jeez, I thought my writing was unreadable! I’m guessing the first name is Mike, perhaps? I ran into Danny Thomas in an airport once, back in the 80s. I managed to get up the nerve to let him know I was a fan, but not enough to beg him for an autograph. I’ve regretted it ever since.


    • IzaakMak,
      The lower degree of readability makes this a fun post … but it is readable. Since you have knowledge of Danny Thomas, my guess you will know this person too. Soon, I will provide hints to everyone in a separate comment. Hope you return and thanks for sharing your story.


  4. i need a hint. it looks like the initials might be MW. something tells me it might be a baseball player.

    i started thinking of the autographs i have gotten, and i think they’re all sports figures. dave magidan (even more handsome in person than on tv), willie mays (his hands are huge!!), michael spinks (i danced with him), and a football player who played for buffalo whose name escapes me. i met clete boyer many years ago and had a nice conversation (saw his world series ring), and mike kozlowski from the dolphins tried to pick me up (stupid me, he was gorgeous and nice, but i didn’t know who he was until later, and i’m still kicking myself). and i’m not even a sports fan.


    • Nonnie,
      MW is correct. I will say that MW is NOT a sports figure, but I will answer everyone’s points in a separate comment very soon – so you must return.

      Wow … love you contact with sports figures. I recall shaking hands with Johnny Bench … talk about huge hands – and he’s not a big guy! Love all your encounters – especially the Kozlowski incident. 🙂 Many thanks for sharing.


  5. oops! it wasn’t buffalo. the guy i met was drew pearson. he was at sears for an autograph signing, and i worked for h&r block in sears for the tax season. it was the weekend, and the store was not yet open, so i was able to sit and have a nice conversation with him. i knew a guy who played for buffalo who knew him, and that’s how i got to talk to him. he’s the nicest guy and very much a gentleman.


    • Nonnie,
      As we know, athletes get a lot of negative press. Then again, those are the ones who give the “good people” a bad name – and MANY athletes are good people. Thanks for sharing your encounter … and yes, I remember Drew Pearson.


  6. Hi,
    I have no idea who’s autograph that could be, I’ll have to put that one in the too hard basket. 🙂

    Many, many moons ago I had an autograph book, it was all the craze at school at the time, it lasted all of about 6 mths. Not many autographs to get while your at school. 😀


    • Mags,
      I never had an autograph book, but got several … then shoved each in a drawer to be thrown out later. Meanwhile, I plan to a separate comment with a variety of hints from everyone’s statements very soon. Thanks for sharing your autographs story.


  7. damn! i thought i figured it out. it looks like it could be mike tyson, but i googled him autograph, and that’s not his handwriting. it’s not mickey mantle’s handwriting either, so my first guess was wrong, too. 😦


  8. I must say that awakening to all this comments was a pleasant surprise … and I admit that I expect John to get it right. 😉 Since the autograph is readable enough to get, yet messy enough to disguise, below are a variety of hints.

    1) The person is NOT an athlete.

    2) The person is associated with television, but is not Michelangelo (the Ninja Turtle). Elyse, I couldn’t resist.

    3) Nonnie is correct … the initials are MW … but this is his “stage name”, although most fans also know his “real name”

    4) I got this autograph in1988, but his TV show debuted in the 1950’s and spanned 4 decades (in various forms and stations)

    5) He died in 2007 just shy of his 90th birthday.


  9. No guesses on the autograph.
    I worked as a bartender in “the” disco in Seattle in 1981 and met several celebrities. The only autograph I got was from then Pittsburg Steeler Franco Harris after a record setting game against the Seahawks (I forget what record), he was drinking strawberry dacquiris.
    I never let an opportunity pass to mention Richard Gere called my name repeatedly during that same job, he was drinking tequila shots with the crew from Officer and a Gentleman.
    Very fun post!


    • Rita,
      Great story about your encounters. Many thanks for sharing … as well as remembering what they were drinking! Hope you saw the comment with the hints – and maybe more coming in a few hours.


    • Hansi,
      Come on now … did you read the comment with the clues? Heck, I may have to add other clues soon. Keep checking because I’m confident that you would know who this is! Thanks for visiting.


  10. I’m afraid 1950’s TV eludes my memory (since I was born in 65 and by the time they had invented TVLand I was in college and too busy to watch!). But this was a great idea. It kept me occupied in IMDB for almost half an hour before my surrender.

    As a comic book collector and sci-fi junkie, the best autographs I have come from that world which no one else would care about – except for my favorite two — I have a personalized picture of the TV Batman signed by Adam West, and I have an original Star Wars movie poster signed to me by David Prowse (Darth Vader’s body). Prowse is really bitter his voice was cut from Star Wars in favor of James Earl Jones — — so he signs all his autographs “David Prowse IS Darth Vader!”.


  11. Good clues. I have no idea.
    I have autographs on my electric guitar form Spinal Tap, Kevin Smith and Charles DeLint. For most of them, if I didn’t know who signed it, I;d have no idea what the autograph said…


    • El Guapo,
      Bummer … I was hoping some one would come through … stay tuned for additional clues … or notification to someone got it. Great story about the autographs on the guitar … and thanks for sharing.


    • Luke,

      Yippee … someone got it. Outstanding … and even by one who pops in and out of this site.

      To everyone, the signature is signed Mr Wizard – yep, the autograph of the famous Don Herbert. I still recall being initially surprised that he didn’t also use his real name. Then again, Mr Wizard is the name that everyone knew.

      His first episode aired before my time (1951), but I can recall seeing him at different times throughout my life … and in this case, a science convention!

      Well done Luke … and thanks for making Florida proud!


  12. Thanks, Frank! And just so you know, I check your blog nearly every day. I’m just not a huge commenter, but I read everything.

    Florida weather has been a little Ohio-esque recently. Very nice, but I still prefer what you’re having up there.


  13. Sorry, dude, we never got Mr. Wizard in Chicago. We had Ray Rayner and Frazier Thomas, sidekicks to the immortal Cuddley-Duddley and Garfield Goose, respectively. (Have fun and look ’em up!)


    • What???!!!! John … you didn’t get Mr. Wizard in Chicago? He wasn’t a local show – but national. I find that hard to believe as he was the first guy to make it big with science demos for kids … a low-key version of Bill Nye. And with your science interest, I’m crushed that you didn’t know Mr. Wizard. 😦


      • Oh, we had a LOT more fun watching Ray demonstrate scientific principles during what was SUPPOSED to be the arts and crafts part of his show. You know, things like “Glue only sticks to the user”. “A fired clay ashtray, placed in the middle of the table, will choose the most inconvenient moment to plunge off the table and break your foot.”
        And that, any person showing fear to a duck, WILL get stuck with the bill. (In his case, NUMEROUS times!) 😀
        You ain’t lived until you’ve seen a grown man become hysterical while being chased by a duck. Who needs science with entertainment like that? 😉


    • Kay,
      LOL … Well, Mr Wizard is a classic TV name that goes back into the 50s. Interestingly, (Don Herbert) died not long ago around the age of 90! Here’s ya go … he was the forerunner to Bill Nye the Science Guy! Thanks for visiting.


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