On I Remember These

Besides the fact that technology is one reason the world has become smaller, many of us have seen much change right before our eyes. On the other hand, who knows what the young people today will end up seeing across their lifetime. After all, I recall driving around when he visited us at least 25 years ago, and out of the clear blue he said, “This is going to be some world in another 50 years.” I imagine he was reflecting on his time since 1925.

In my case, growing up in a rural part of Ohio helped delay the implementation of certain products and services, but here are some things from my past (and I’m sure I left out plenty of other good points).

I remember …

… Watching Howdy Doody

… The arrival of basic cable

… Drinking Fizzies

… Dialing Operator to make a local phone call

… Paying $1 and getting 3 gallons of gas

… The time when small town merchants thrived

… Mr Adams having no assigned homework because he knew we would be watching the Batman debut

… Elementary class taking time to watch the launching of the Mercury astronauts

… High school chemistry and physics classes requiring the use of a slide rule

… Doing computer programming on keypunch cards – that is with each line on a separate card and hoping never to drop them

… The transition due to Vatican II

… Stroh’s and Pabst Blue Ribbon being big-named national beers

… Watching a 1-hr version on Sunday morning (11 am) of the Notre Dame game the day before – and broadcast by the legendary Lindsey Nelson

… The first McDonald’s coming to the area and the sign including “x Millions Sold”

… The British music invasion

… Boxes of laundry detergent containing free glassware or towels

… Home milk delivery

… Burger Chef

… Receiving stamps (Green, Yellow, or Plaid) for grocery store purchases that were redeemable for merchandise

… Instrumental hits as Telstar, Popcorn, and Tijuana Taxi

… 1968 being the most turbulent year ever

… Airports having outside observation decks

… Stores closed on Sundays

… Teens wondering when they would get the car for the evening (as opposed to what car they get when turning 16)

Just a trip down memory lane for me and hopefully I stimulated your memory, so feel to add others.

49 thoughts on “On I Remember These

  1. Oh dear. I hate “remembering” stuff that just happened, wasn’t it yesterday? As a member of the Peanut Gallery, I say this didn’t happen all that long ago. It was just a few minutes…

    I do remember dumping a boyfriend because I felt that I simply could never marry someone who (1) didn’t remember where he was when JFK died; and (2) had not been allowed to stay up to see the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Well, maybe there WAS more to it than that. But not much.

    Thanks for this memory. And BTW, I spent 5 years in Europe where they still close stores on Sundays. It’s a pain in the ass unless you are unemployed and then you have no money to buy stuff anyway.


    • Elyse,
      Oh my my … you had me laughing several times in your comment well done – and a good reminder of several important events of that era. In terms of Sunday store hours, I know it would be a pain, especially since we have gotten used to having availability not only on Sundays, but 24-7! Nonetheless, thanks for commenting!


  2. I remember Sputnik the Soviet satellite… not because I witnessed it but my older brother was facinated and talked about it all the time. We even had an ornament on our Christmas tree.
    Fun post, thank for jogging my memory.


  3. Even though I was living down in Brazil at the time, when my American friends would come down, they spoke of this “CD”. It looked so foreign to me, but at the time it was all the rage. Now, the CD (music) will be gone as of next year or so because of iTunes and iPads. I feel so ancient. I remember when the internet was dial up and the little “jingle” when someone would send you an “instant message” on AOL. Lol! Everyone use to hang out in chatrooms too!


    • Java Girl,
      Many thanks for sharing a great example from a younger perspective. You are so right about CDs, thus the “come-and-go rate” is getting much faster. LOL at your internet stuff. MANY thanks for sharing!


  4. I did not get to see Howdy Doody as it aired, Mr Liebhart did give Homework when Batman was on and I almost failed 5th grade. I do not remember Yellow Stamps, We had Plaid Stamps at A & P Long Island and did not see Green Stamps till I moved to Florida in 1978 and Publix giving them out. I remember seeing the Cheap Gas Stations with 19 cents a gallon but no one would put that in their tanks.
    BTW If I bought gas today I would be paying 32 cents a gallon at Shell. I am shooting for 9 cents a gallon for Premium by the end of the month.
    And we need to have stores closed on Sunday again.


    • Larry,
      My small town had grocery stores associated with each of the stamps. We had mainly Yellow because we shopped more at that store. The store with Green Stamps was small, and closed. Although I like stores on Sunday being closed, let’s keep those grocery stores open! (I couldn’t resist). Meanwhile, I’m glad to see you are a great influence on current gas prices than Michelle Bachmann. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Hi,
    Oh a trip down memory lane, yes a lot of changes, and lots more still to come, it does make one feel old, but still the wonders future generations will have, things that we would not even dream of, the mind boggles. 🙂


    • Mags,
      That is the point, and relative to one’s own time line. For instance, Java Girl shares an interesting one from her (younger) perspective. … and as you also say – and the wonders future generations will have. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  6. i don’t actually remember watching howdy doody, but my claim to fame is that i was once in the peanut gallery. my older sister remembers it, and she and my mom say i was there, and there’s no reason for them to lie about it.


  7. Hi Frank,

    For me it was watching Romper Room, I recall my grandparents getting a colour television. Well back then, you had to set the colours. My grand mother had a thing with the green hue. Soooooo whenever I watched it there, everyone had green faces mixed with a bit of purple.

    As for telephones, “party lines”… As a teenager, waiting for that phone call was madness! I was raised in a household with five other girls, that was bad enough. But sharing that telephone line with several other households Forget it! But it was fun at times listening in too!

    Thanks for the memories!.


    • Meesh,
      The interesting thing about Romper Room was that it existed as a national/syndicated show and a local show. Therefore, one TV market had Miss Shirley (local), while Miss Betsy aired in multiple markets. Yep … I remember party lines too! … and you are quite the sly one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


      • Frank,

        You’re absolutely correct about Romper Room. In Canada we had Miss Flora (when I was really young) and then Miss Diane…. my best friend went on the show, boy did I envy her!

        Do you remember as candies, penny candy (does that still exist?) Anyway, pixie sticks and black balls, or those crazy waxed lips….


  8. Ah Ha! I recognize jaw breakers in that store (or that’s what it looks like) I recall in grade one, a friend who always seem to get in trouble…swallowed a jaw breaker. The nuns panicked, I remember they had to boil water and have him drink it. The same kid once got his tongue stuck on the metal monkey bars. Yep once again they took out the boiling water. Hahaha


      • Hahahaha I forgot about that scene. Charlie, my friend, got his tongue stuck while going up. (No, he wasn’t hanging up there Ha!) The monkey bars structure was all made out of metal.

        Come to think of it Frank, not sure what was funnier, him or watching two nuns climbing up behind him with their full habits. Nevertheless, because of Charlie, the monkey bars became off territory in the cold weather…Here in Canada, it can be almost five months.

        Like your friend who you recently lost…Charlie passed away while we were in high school, I am sure he’s looking down and smiling as I type this. We never let him forget about that one. Ah Memories, eh?


  9. Slide rules, penny candy and the gas station attendant pumped gas, washed the windows and my parents -said- charge it- no card required because I don’t think there were credit cards.


    • Nancy,
      Oh yes – Since I grew up in a small town, I recall “charging it” as the it was written down .. but I imagine this was also common practice in the neighborhood stores in cities. After all, the key was knowledge and trust with each other. Seems I recall the early credit card commercials as well – thus when CCs came onto the scene. Thanks for visiting and sharing.


    • Hansi,
      I typically do post dedicated to a number to signify milestones as birthdays, anniversaries, etc … which also reminds me that I have yet to post “58” – which I must do before my next birthday! Thanks for visiting.


  10. I wish they still had milk delivery service! I have wished that more than once as I’ve packed the 3 kids into the car for a grocery store run. What a fun trip down memory lane.

    I had a great-great-grandmother who lived to be 105 (She was born in 1889). On her 100th birthday we sat and talked of all the changes she’d seen in her lifetime. It’s truly astounding.


  11. And yet, despite all the changes, we all seem to move relatively smoothly to each new technology. Really, could you (or me) have imagined having communal interactive boards like our blogs?
    The closest back then was the supermarket message board.

    Oh, and I remember having to wait for the vacuum tubes in the TV to warm up before the picture came on.


  12. Since we’re on the topic of memorable times: Jack Paar, the host of the Tonight Show, then Steve Allen, then eventually Johnny Carson. Cigarettes was 28 cents a pack. The Twilight Zone, Mission Impossible, Car 54 Where Are you? I could go on and on.


    • Don,
      Oh yes … the list of TV shows and personalities could go on and on. I almost said something about F-Troop. Of course the real question is why did F-Troop pop into my head! Thanks for sharing.


    • Eva,
      First of all, someday you’ll be looking back at your life at things today that are long gone. And when you do, I hope you think “I remember a post long ago … :).

      As for Howdy Doody, find my reply to Nonnie as I provided an old video clip.

      So for you, two things about Fizzies … this website (http://www.fizzies.com/) and the video below. Thanks for stopping.


  13. Thanks for the memory lane. Some of your past stops don’t quite cross my world, but it was fun to follow you. Like I still have no idea what Howdy Doody is (except you put up a video in one of your answers), but I remember having to put a coin on the first TV we got and I remember when flying wasn’t any hassle as today (before security took over life at the airports). Fun read.


    • Otto,
      Pre-cable TV takes nostalgia to another level because so few can relate. I recall being in Italy (long ago) when commercials did not interrupt movies … thus a 15 minute or so block of commercials before the movie. But I don’t recall that in the US. How about Norway? … but a coin in a TV? Wow … a new one to me.

      Being a photographer, I imagine you have seen MANY changes in equipment! After all, I can’t recall the last time I saw a photographer using a light meter. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  14. Yeah, Frank! I thought those 1 hour football summaries were better than the games. It was more dramatic. And Batman–it’s amazing what cheese we enjoyed back then. The world is changing, but I’m not sure the cheese tastes that much better.


    • Les,
      And looking back at TV at that time – lotsa cheese! But hey, that’s in retrospect. And I agree – today is just different cheese, but still cheese. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  15. I used to know how to work a slide rule – my father insisted I know in case I never had a calculator. And I remember building both our family organ (musical instrument) and B&W TV from Heathkit. The all metal cooler my dad earned from drinking Hamm’s beer. The tube tester at Walgreens, and the radio my dad still has that took almost a minute to warm up before it would play. The recording needle that fit on the old Girard turntable, so we could record our own LPs. LPs at 78 rpm, including the whole bundle of Japanese music my dad brought back from his Army tour in Korea – all marked with “Made in Occupied Japan”. Cars with manual chokes and carburetors. The Dodge Dart with the push-button transmission my dad traded in on our 1968 wagon.
    Okay, I’ll stop now…. 🙂


        • Guapo,
          LMAO … love it. Besides, I recently heard that Chrysler is bringing back the name in a new model! Can’t wait to her about your new car. Thanks for visiting!


        • I was 5 when it left our lives, so I don’t remember a whole lot, but it was light blue, and when you closed the driver’s door, it made the same sound the tank hatches on an M-60 made – super-heavy steel-on-steel. I can believe, house vs. car, that the ol’ Dodge would emerge triumphant!


  16. Thanks for pointing me here, Frank. Loved it. Brought back so many memories. Love the one about airports having outdoor observation decks. My father went on board a plane with a rifle once and the air hostess just said, ‘Would you like me to put that in a locker for you, sir?’ Imagine walking around an airport with a rifle today!


    • It’s better now, Hotlyspiced. Back then, they’d just find a place to put your rifle for the flight. Today, they’d find a place to put YOU, for the rest of time! 😀


    • Spiced,
      You are very welcome. Based on your post, I thought it fit … and I happen to post it not all that long ago. Wow … thanks for sharing the interesting story (of long ago) about the rifle. Thanks for visiting and sharing.


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