On a Monday Streak

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We were busy with ballroom dancing Friday and Saturday night – the Saturday event was at a great venue – the Grand Ballroom at Cincinnati Music Hall. Besides doing some things around the house, we also attended a holiday open house at the home of good friends.

Cincinnati had national news with an ugly brawl at our annual college basketball frenzy – the Crosstown Shootout between UC and Xavier. Simply a horrible and unnecessary ending to a great rivalry. Cheers to both schools are quickly suspending players! As I anticipated, UC suspensions were more severe than those at XU.

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, instead of setting up the video, let’s go straight to the chuckle. This one is good for me offbeat humor. Have a great week everyone – and oh no – I return to work on Monday as a new project begins.

16 thoughts on “On a Monday Streak

  1. Quick to fail, but quick to recover! (I’ll bypass any comments about his having to have balls to do that….)
    Caught the Bears-Broncos game with 5 minutes in the 4th, 10-0 Bears. Can’t lose, right? Wrong – they’re a Chicago team. Sigh.
    Good luck with the new project! May your paperwork be light, your managers absent, and your co-workers competent! 😀
    Have a good week!


    • John,
      Well … my Bengals were ahead by 13 at the half and lost with 2 seconds to go. Meanwhile, the speed of the recovery in this video is impressive! Thanks for the best wishes and for commenting.


    • Patti,
      Not only do I remember Mitch Miller – but their version of The Yellow Rose of Texas is a classic – well, at least to me. Thanks for your great analogy! 🙂 … and for visiting.


  2. I heard about this game on ESPN. But from what I saw, an Xavier player was the first to push someone? (I could be wrong). If I’m right, both teams deserved to get the same punishment. I think there needs to be united front, all across the board, that this behavior is not wanted.


    • Kay,
      The punishments were done at the school level and each conference has supported the school’s decision. Many fans here from both schools are disgusted, thus not finger pointing nor covering up for their team. On the other hand, there are too many that are biased against the other. Although tensions were building up during the game and the referees let it get out of control, the XU player shoving the UC to the floor was the action before the craziness. Right before the knockdown, the UC player had a hand on an XU player, but not in an aggressive way. Even before those incidents, there are plenty of questions to wonder about … nonetheless, a black eye for the city and the schools. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Hilarious video! I was laughing out loud at 5 in the morning! Thanks for sharing! Good luck on your new project!
    Our Seahawks just might have a chance tonight vs. the 2-10 Rams…we’ll see. I work a block from the stadium so I anticipate interesting traffic trying to get home 🙂


    • John,
      Glad you like the video … especially knowing that you got an early morning chuckle – which is the intention of the Monday posts. Cheers to your Seahawks for winning Monday night! Thanks for stopping by.


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