On Another Layer

Regulars here know that I include headlines of the week from The Onion on Friday’s Opinions in the Shorts. Fortunately for me, not too long ago I started saving some Onion headlines that I liked, but didn’t use on Friday.

The last time I did this, I used “Peel” in the title and dear ol’ John got excited with anticipation of a post about Emma Peel. Since I inserted a video feature his beloved babe into a comment, John (since I’m not sure you saw it or want to see it again), you can click here.

Meanwhile, below are 10 headlines from The Onion. Any favorites?

Steve Jobs Last Words Revealed: Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.

Bus Passenger Believes She Lives in World Where Curried Shrimp Is Odorless

Churchgoer Blanks on Why She is Lighting Votive Candle

Latest GOP Debate Concludes With Candidates Wrestling Squealing Pig to Ground and Slaughtering It

Save Money by Taking a Vacation Entirely in Your Mind

Oprah Invites Hundreds of Lucky Fans to be Buried with Her in Massive Tomb

Climate Change Causes Smaller Animals

Worried Perfectionist Reassured by Lazy Slob

Kicker Keeps Evangelizing in Locker Room about Weird Kicking-Based Religion

Family Upgrades to Shells & Cheese