On an Oops

Well, this is the first Friday in a long time that I was unable to prepare a regular edition of Opinions in the Shorts – and last week was Volume 121. No excuses, but it was simply one of those weeks. Given the holiday season, who knows, maybe I will wait until the first of the year to resume the normal Friday edition – but time will tell.

Since this is the season for preparing food for holiday parties of some sort or another, why not a food post – better yet – one with a humorous twist. Gotta love The Onion.

Have a safe weekend everyone!

20 thoughts on “On an Oops

  1. No problem, my friend. You’re doing a HECK of a lot better than a few of my online friends. You just take it easy, have a good Friday, and if I don’t catch you before then, enjoy the weekend! And Happy 67th Anniversary of the start of “The Battle Of The Bulge” tomorrow! 😉


  2. I too am working hard to keep things running on schedule — admitting you aren’t able to get something done is a great strength and example to the rest of us to say – hey, self-care is important too.


    • Beagz,
      Excellent advise for all of us (and obviously not from Belle). I enjoy writing, interacting with my readers, visiting and commenting on my fav sites, plus surfing for other others. Well, now that my availability time has been whacked at the knees, I can only do so much – but I don’t want to give up. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a great thought.


  3. Don’t worry about the lack of this Friday’s Opinions in the Shorts. After all it’s getting close to holiday season. Instead I could enjoy a really fun video. And then wait in anticipation for your next Opinions in the Shorts – even if I will have to wait until next year.


    • Otto,
      Hello to my favorite photographer from Norway! You have a tendency to stop by on Fridays for the normal collection, but I’m glad you enjoyed the video … and next Friday will be light as well. Thanks for thinking of me!


  4. Even your quick notes are a good reason to stop by.
    My girl, who watches Chopped, (which Ted Allen hosts on Food Network) was watching the clip in disbelief that it was him.

    Have a great weekend, we’ll be around when you get back.


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