An a Carol from Elsewhere

The amount of Christmas music that is available is overwhelming. Every year brings us new recordings from a variety of artists – and it seems that Canadian star Michael Buble is a big hit this year. Then again, many older recordings are obvious classics.

Traditional music like Silent Night is recorded is available throughout the word in a many languages. Then again, some wonderful music remains very regional. This is a Nigerian carol performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  We been fortunate to see this renown choir twice, and each time, this song impressed me. Enjoy.

16 thoughts on “An a Carol from Elsewhere

  1. OMG You’re something else Frank..did you read my mind? I posted a Michael Bublé video, two posts below…or did you peek? I love your music, I will listen to your video. May I post another Bublé? Joyeux Noël mon ami!

    I love this one too! Merry Christmas, happy holidays ALL!


    • Meesh,
      LOL … there we are again … on the same wavelength! I love Michael Bublé music – although I thought his Christmas TV special was on the week side. But hey – fitting in with the cultural theme of the day, this is a great addition. Thanks for sharing!


      • Yeh we do that a lot, eh? Birds of a feather,I am proud of my plumage. Anyway without getting all gushy here my OHIOAN friend,,,Je te souhaite une formidable saison,de fête pour toi et ta famille!

        Tu es formidable.

        Simply sayin’ you’re awesome my friend, all the very best to you and especially to “yours” too!


      • By the way, I did not watch Michael Bublé’s Christmas special… I did not pay much attention to him or do not watch television these days. My sister, however expressed your sentiments, she hated that special…In fact, she was soooooo upset, she sent a letter, multi emaisl and whatever she could do. At that point, I wanted to know what she was beeching about, I saw or heard the music. I ordered the CD. Was that special that bad? LOL never owned a Bublé sister did it for me,


        • Meesh,
          In terms of the holiday special, outside of listening to the singing, I wasn’t entertained … Christmas specials aren’t easy to do! Nonetheless, the guy can sing and we appreciate his music … and it’s good ballroom dance stuff!


    • Mags,
      The first time I saw them I had good seats … and the first note acts as a big wall of sound .. WOW … but this remains as my favorite piece in the concert … .and fitting for the approaching holiday. thanks for commenting.


  2. I love hearing different regions’ takes on holiday music. Good stuff!
    And now, if you’ll forgive me, I’m going back to a wonderful little birthday present. Palladia, a concert-film oriented cable channel, gave me the gift of Kylie Minogue’s latest concert series “Aphrodite”. Not Christmas music, but Kylie’s fantastic ANY time! 😀


    • John,
      You are quite the worldly one and glad you appreciated this piece. The Mormon Tabernacle is incredibly precise! Meanwhile, I imagine you are watching Kelly for at least the fourth time. Thanks for commenting.


    • Kay,
      Glad you enjoyed this. The first time seeing this choir do this piece stopped me in my tracks. So when we saw them a few years later, I quickly opened the program to see if I would be hearing it again. I love it. Thanks for visiting.


    • Guapo,
      Glad you liked it … and hey …. two more tunes yet to come (One tonight “Thursday” and one Saturday morning. The whole thing is an idea that just came to me! Thanks for visiting.


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