On a Time

Time can be a noun, verb or adjective – and combined with about one has an adverb.

Tim is a measurable period.

Time is a point or period when something occurs.

Time is a historical period.

Time are the conditions of the moment or a specific period.

Time is a prison sentence or military service.

Time is a rate of tempo and a rhythm.

Time is a series of repeated actions.

Time is a person’s experience at a specific event.

Time is a work requirement.

Time is a fixed duration of some sporting events.

Time is a period when something is in use.

Time is what Jim Croce put in a bottle.

Christmas time has both religious and secular meanings.  Although I’m Christian, during Christmas time I also see, and am grateful for, a genuine spirit coming from the heart of many that stretches across humanity. One this day, I give everyone Christmas in My Heart, a song written by a recent visitor to these page – Composer in the Garden (Lynn). Enjoy … and thank you Lynn.

34 thoughts on “On a Time

  1. We did it again Frank! I was ready to post this…
    with captions below.Will have to scroll back & listen what you have to say…
    This one is a highly profound song with multifaceted meanings and interpretations.Time, holds all the answers. After the September 11, 2001 attacks this was used as a soundtrack in many radio and television reports about the attacks.It was written & recorded by native Gaelic speaker Enya & released in 2000 as the 1st single from A Day Without Rain. This intended love song took on new meaning as a 9/11 tribute song; Enya performed it on Larry King Live on November 8, 2001. This was a special programme to commemorate the victims of the blackest day in USA history


    • Meesh,
      We both realize that Enya’s music if wonderful in many ways. I’ve been a fan for some time. I intentionally stayed away from “Time” in music and other forms of entertainment … thus just used the dictionary to guide my way to the featured video – which BTW I hope you watched. Nonetheless, another example of us being in sync. FYI: I was on my control panel, then your comment appeared, which triggered “Post now.” 🙂 Many thanks for sharing.


    • Lynn,
      Actually the video you posted after this one is what sparked the idea – but I had the song title wrong in my head – so I went to this one. Now that I’ve done it, I think this one works better. And if you haven’t seen the other comments, readers like your song! Meanwhile, a 30-page research paper on time? Hmmmm … well, as we know, time is a subject deep in thought! Thanks for your song.


  2. Face it Frank, Dolly & Kenny scored big with this one, sort of… Your wife will love to hear it (trust me) DO NOT TELL HER THAT YOU READ ABOUT IT!

    oopsie, didn`t you say she will be reading this, scratch that…Heh anyone else here you go… GO for it! Merry Christmas!


  3. Time is a dimension, along with the 3 we know of and many we may not. Time is a line which we cannot directly move along, yet can experience movement across. Time is an ungraspable item – you cannot hold “now”, as now never technically exists, there is only what was and what will be. And “time” is an adjective to describe a certain type of Lord, also known as a resident of the now-lost world of Gallifrey (for all you Doctor Who fans out there). 😉
    And no one is yet sure if time is finite, or infinite. Depends upon your stance on Big Bang theory (physics and cosmology, not the TV show) vs. expansion-contraction theories. 😯
    And now time is something I’m out of. Toodles! 😀


    • Kay,
      I tried the transition the music from Tuesday’s frantic music toward a calm of Christmas Eve. Which also means I have one more post to go in this series, which goes up Saturday morning. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  4. Frank-Love the writing at the beginning of this. For what it’s worth, I wrote a tune about time called Blink of an Eye ( You can always make more money, you can never make more time). The sound is not the best but you get the idea!
    PS-Sweet answer John.


    • Les,
      Oh my my … Les is also a rock star. I also watched Spaghetti Supper, so doesn’t mean I’m hooked and destined to be a groupee?

      Well, not really original writing. After coming up with a few notes, the idea came to mind to “Check the dictionary” … thus why I stuck to definitions, and not philosophical. But hey – the readers have added great stuff!

      Thanks for sharing your video and for visiting.


  5. This was great and your comments were awesome to read through too! What I notice most of all about time is that I can slow it down but I can never speed it up!! Today is going to be a wonderfully slow day i can tell!! Take care, c


    • Cecilia,
      I agree about the many great comments here on this one – and a good addition by you as well. I recently heard someone say this about time. When we are young, time seems slow because we focus on anticipation … but as adults, the focus shifts to getting things done and moving on to the next. Thanks for stopping by and I hope all is well.


  6. Wonderful. One of the foundational books that changed my life and set me on a course to appreciate time is Robert Grudin’s “Time and the Art of Living”. In it he wrote:

    “A few seconds are long enough for a revolutionary idea, a startling communication, a baby’s conception, a wounding insult, or a sudden death. Depending on how we think of them our lives can be infinitely long or ultimately short”.

    Have a Merry Christmas, Frank and infinitely long joy.


    • Beagz,
      What a great addition. As someone noted, it’s been a lot of fun reading the points that readers added through the comments. Thanks for sharing … and Merry Christmas. Hope you return tomorrow for gifts. Thanks for visiting.


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