On a Time for Gifts

Christmas Eve is here. Later tonight, I look forward to the customary drive to church where I see empty parking lots and festivities in the homes along the way.

My readers have given me gifts of visits, likes, and comments. You are a very  gracious lot. Interestingly, this is post #800, which has generated almost 54,000 visits, and over well 3,000 comments from visitors (not counting my responses).

This past week’s posts took us on a music journey through the vast world of humanity. Given the comments, you appreciated the surprises along the way.

Under the Christmas tree you will like a variety of gifts. Pick as many as you like, but I insist you take at least one … and I hope you tell me the gift(s) you selected. (I’m very interested to see what John takes.) I’ve also added some blog references for fun – but I can’t mention everyone!

Merry Christmas!

The handbell lovers have two choices. Tonight, our choir is joining forces with the vocal choir for this combined Noel Festival. (No YouTube, but a high quality recording without the bells.) Meesh, I believe this is a French carol.

We are also playing this version of Silent Night to accompany the congregation with candle light. Kay, you enjoy calm & beauty through music.

On the Time post I featured Lynn Purse, so here is another one of your compositions – Father Christmas.

Here’s a treat from Australia of a fabulous light show at St. Mary’s Cathedral … and it is very fitting for the day.  (thanks Mags)

Since Carol of the Bells is a holiday favorite, this is done by a very good handbell choir. (Rita, extra handbell music to widen your choice.)

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Santa’s Six White Boomers, here ya go .. Ah those crazy Aussies. Wonder if Les will enjoy this?

Need a nostalgic trip? This video has clips of holiday movies and music to the Christmas Waltz. I know that Nonnie loves movies, and this is perfect for Beagz’ Belle.

Here’s a music scenic trip for the season. Photographers as Robin, Joe,  and Otto will enjoy this

Need to laugh? El Guapo and Hansi will love this, but who may have to fight Eleanor.

103 thoughts on “On a Time for Gifts

  1. Hi,
    They are all fantastic, but I just can’t go past “Naughty Santa” that was hilarious, I bet he has never seen so much money thrown in the pot. 😆

    Thank You for the mention.


  2. Oh geez!?! First I thought Silent Night hands down, then you threw in a second bell performance with me in mind It is awfully hard to pass up on a holiday movie with Bing and Fred, so nostalgic! The naked fat man animation was also tempting. I feel like a kid in a candy store. When faced with a hard choice I almost always go with my first instinct, Silent Night it is, a beautiful start to my day.

    Peace be with you and those you love, Merriest Christmas to you and your readers. Thank you for all the gifts you give with an open heart. #800 is a winner! Congratulations


    • Rita,
      Glad you liked Silent Night, which is a fun one to play and sounds great with a singing congregation. But hey …. you get as many presents as you want! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by for your gift. Merry Christmas.


    • Welcome Mrs Angle … a frequent reader but first-time commenter. But you forgot to say that you enjoyed the Naughty Santa video! …. and John will be glad to see you presence. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment … and your presents are later today!


    • Forgive me, Mrs. Angle, for not spotting your comment earlier! I scanned through the posts too quickly – shame on me. Wonderful to see you here amongst folk both normal (everyone else) and weird (me)!
      A very Merry Christmas to you, Frank, and all your loved ones. And a special thanks to you, for sharing your wonderful husband with us. He is truly a gift that keeps on giving. 😉


    • Meesh,
      Of course I like the gift … duh! 🙂 Actually one of my fav videos and songs. But hey – you didn’t tell me which present(s) you were taking! 😉 … and this one is for you. Merry Christmas and many thanks!


      • OH SHOOTS… you mean I was suppose to pick just one gift? I picked the whole lot, and the Christmas tree too….

        As for Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, methinks you knew that I am a huge fan of Cohen… there’s so much about that song as well. Like many of his accomplishments they were covered by many other artists. Here in Canada too, Not sure, but I read that Leonard Cohen took a very longtime to compose that song…. he kept changing the lyrics… or he changed them from one performance to the next. It was difficult to keep one song straight. I love this performance.

        Thanks my friend for this very special tune,


  3. Frank, thank you once again for the video embed! Wow! And thanks for so many presents – I’m taking them all! Well, maybe not the naughty Santa (or “Bappo Bastardo” as they call the movie “Bad Santa” in Italy). I was partial to the St Mary’s cathedral in Sydney, especially since there was a chorus of night insects in the background. I spent a New Year’s Eve in Australia one year, and remember the warm summer weather under the stars that made for a great celebration. Merry Christmas, everyone!


  4. I like Bing Crosby and Company. It’s upbeat, it’s “all American” and it reminds me of when I was a wee little kid in the Bronx, looking at movies like this one with all the sparkle and glitter and happiness, wondering what it really felt like to be living inside the TV with folks like that. 🙂

    Happy Holidays Frank and everyone!


  5. Thanks so much for visiting today, and for inviting me to partake! I hope you don’t mind, but I’m gonna snag another of those Leonard Cohen gifts you just offered another commenter. 🙂

    Looking forward to getting to know you and your blog here in 2012. Looks like a great place.


  6. Put this on the top of the “Amazingly Great Ideas” list! Quite wonderful — We chose the BIng and Fred combo – because you were right – Belle loved it and thought it was everything Christmas should still be. I heard her telling Buddy, “That was when Hollywood had class”. Briscoe picked the White Boomers. I think she might have some Australian beagle blood….

    Your post reminded me of something else — When I lived in El Paso and was a senior pastor our church’s last Christmas eve service of the night ended at 9 and so Cathy and I would leave church around 10 PM for a ride home which went past a local Walmart that closed at 9 on CE. That was always the most magical thing about Christmas Eve – driving home after worship and seeing the huge Walmart parking lot completely empty.


    • Beagz,
      I’m proud of accomplishing gifts for all the Beagles! Belle is such a predictable creature of habit. It’s amazing how we can find peace in an empty large parking lot! Thanks for visiting and all you do. Merry Christmas.


  7. You know what? For the first time, I’m not going to go along with you, my friend. I choose to take nothing, and for one very important reason.
    Because you have given to all who come here, such a variety of humourous, challenging, and delightful material, that to take any more would be an act of tremendously selfish greed.
    Instead, I will leave you something. I will leave you the gratitude for all you’ve posted here. I will leave you the knowledge that you have given many a smile. But most of all, I will leave the most heartfelt, sincere “thank you”, just for being there for me.
    And the most joyous and merriest of Christmases to you and your loved ones. May the holiday season bring you all you so richly deserve! 🙂


    • John,
      I will keep it short, thus simply say that I’m touched – so, many thanks for your kind words. Have a blessed Christmas with your Mrs … and of course Blackjack!

      Oh – but I think my wife is disappointed that you didn’t comment on her first comment here. 😉


      • Forgive me, my lady of Canada, I meant no offence to anyone here. I just wanted Frank to know how much I appreciate him, even if I do give him a hard time!
        And Frohliche Weihnachten, meine liebe dame! 😀 (Sorry, I never learned much French, but did pick up German during my re-enacting days.)


  8. Eight hundred posts! Holy Cow!!! And what wonderful timing — a holiday gift to all of us.

    I’m going to pick Bing. Nobody in my house lets me listen to him! He was a ghost of Christmasses past until that clip.

    Thanks, and Have a wonderful Christmas!


    • Elyse,
      I admit that the timing was accidental as I noticed it earlier in the week, and then counting it out – then going wow … #800 on Christmas Eve if I follow my plan. A lot of scenes in that clip are also from Christmas past – but hey – old movies live on through the hundreds of cable stations. Thanks for visiting and picking a present! Merry Christmas.


  9. Frank, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    I know I don’t comment enough, but your blog is always on my to do list, and it’s stuff like this that always has me coming back…I love the light show at St. Mary’s Cathedral!


    • Beeze,
      Thanks for dropping by and for identifying the St Mary’s light show as your gift. Otherwise, no apologies necessary as the time demands on everyone is a lot these days —- let alone a father of three! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  10. Wow Frank … such wonderful gifts! (well, maybe not Bad Santa, but he was funny) My favorite is the light show at St. Mary’s Cathedral so I shall call that my gift. 🙂

    A very Merry Christmas to you and your family! May your hearts and home be filled with love and light for the year to come. *hugs*


  11. Merry Christmas Frank. I enjoyed all the presents but the bell choirs were my favorite. Naughty Santa ran a close second, of course. Hope you have a very happy new year too.


  12. I must add this and off to dreamland..
    To my John-Boy,

    A fan of “The Royal Guardsmen” eh? Glad you liked my gift.As you know in the late 60’s that USA band fixated on Peanut’s Snoopy (yeh it’s been that long) I checked them out I think they debuted with a love song and after focused with Snoopy & the Red Baron. Did you know The Royal Guardsmen made a comeback in December 2006, when they released a new Snoopy song, “Snoopy vs. Osama”, which became a hit on The Dr. Demento Show.



  13. Frank, I always wish you & yours the best of all you desire. Thank you for a wonderful year of excellent art that you created for people like myself to enjoy. I look forward to 2012 having much of the same


  14. The St. Mary’s Cathedral Christmas Lights from Sidney, Australia was my favorite. I wanted to be there. And thanks for the gift your blog provides throughout the year.


  15. Unbelievable! 800 posts. And the traffic. How do you do it Frank? You have a staff, right? Like James Michener? A dancing James Michener?
    I bow.
    And I’ll take Leonard Cohen. Love that song. Wife loves that song.


    • Les,
      My first post was late-August 2008 with the presidential election around the corner. I’ve always been eclectic in the topics, with the occasional spurt on something. Meesh, a regular here, is a mega Cohen fan, hence I posted it in a comment for her … and lo and behold, you are not the first to mention Cohen since I posted the video. Meanwhile, thanks for the props and for visiting my Christmas tree.

      PS: Here’s a scoop for you … Another milestone post is coming … actually the next post.


  16. Hi Frank! I liked the photographic scenic one…hope you had a great Christmas. We got a new puppy-we decided our lives weren’t crazy enough:)

    Love, Lorri


  17. Frank. I thought you were off working on your special project which I assumed was Mrs. Angle 🙂 (good to see you commenting on this page Mrs. Angle–I have a feeling if we met, you and I and WW and Frank would really hit it off). I saw your note to WW and rushed right over, Frank. We haven’t been online ’cause a 3-yr-old kicked our butts this Christmas–our grandson wore us out! Thank you for leaving me a Christmas present and mentioning my blog. Being greedy, I cruised through all the Christmas presents you had under the tree and enjoyed them all. Now get back to Mrs. Angle and enjoy the rest of your wonderful holiday. I’ll see you in January. All the best. ET


    • E-Tom,
      I started a work project two weeks ago, but the holiday season has kept me going. The question is when (not if) I cut back on the posts – besides, I know I won’t be able to keep up visiting.

      Sounds like you had a good holiday ….but hey … tell WW I didn’t see him taking a gift! LOL. All the best to you and thanks for visiting.


  18. FrankAngle, I took all the presents. Hope that’s okay. Bing was my favorite. I love the classics. And, if tastefully done, incorporating a little modern style into the mix seems to work very well.


  19. I know I am a little later, but better late than never, no? This was a great idea, I like the gifts under the Christmas tree. Thanks for the music scenic trip you you had made for the photographers. I enjoyed it very much. In addition I will have to take Santa Dance. Just too fun not to take. I could easily have taken all the presents, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.


    • Otto,
      You are very welcome and I’m glad you stopped by. After all, the tree was still up! The Santa dance is funny, but a friend of mine told me she is scarred for life. LOL. Glad you enjoyed them and took the time to stop by.


    • Sharybary,
      Welcome … and a friend of Patti’s is a friend of mine. Jump over to the current post for a dose of satire. Yep – I bounce around with a wide range of topics here.


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