On 2011 in a Mirror

Early in 2011, I celebrated the 600th post – and recently #800, plus my first month with 3,000 hits. I started the year with John, and he’s still here. (I couldn’t resist.) Others are still here too, and new regulars have joined us. Many thanks to everyone and hopefully something below will strike your fancy … or at least jog a memory chip. Do you have any favorites from here?

I continued eclectic nature of posts, yet keeping the tradition of Monday Morning Entertainment and Friday’s Opinions in the Shorts, the OITS starting at v81 and now at v122.

I worked in posts on All-Time Baseball Teams of all Harrys, Rons, Larrys, food names, and others – yet brought forth a series of the relationship between religion and science.

I enjoy doing the posts about numbers, and also working in pieces of handbell music.

I pledged respectful behavior in my first post in Aug 2008 – with that I know I have done well. In appreciation to the readers who frequent these electronic pages, here is a trip down memory lane – the posts I enjoyed the most.

On Elsa’s Trieste (May 4)
On a Chopped Dinner (Aug 16)
On Human Culture (Oct 12)
On a Knob (Dec 6)

On Faith, Soul, and Science (Apr 12)
On Fibonacci in Nature (Sept 20)
On a Hot Tau (Oct 4)
On Science at Work (Sept 27)

On Jobs (Mar 28)
On a GOP Glimpse at 2012 (Mar 23) – A reminder, a March post!
On Environmental Costs (Sept 6)
On the Church and State Wall (Oct 17)
On Time to Thank Congress (Nov 28)

18 thoughts on “On 2011 in a Mirror

  1. Hey 🙂 you’ve certainly had a busy year blogging! What do I like on your blog? I like discovering things I know so little about – handbells, US politics, numbers (although I must warn you, despite having done some pretty hard core geophysics, my skill with numbers is pretty much 5th grade level). This web thingy is great for random discovery and long may it continue 🙂

    Happy New Year from ‘down under’ 🙂


    • Charlie,
      Let’s face it – there is so much to learn in the world and nobody can keep up! My I suggest the posts on Fibonacci and Tau for you on this list. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  2. It’s been a great year for blogging, and you have done plenty of great blogging…Although, if there weren’t so many dolts in the world, I would have had a lot less posts myself.

    Great job Frank, and Happy New Year!


  3. I agree with Charlie, you definitely have had an interesting, busy, and amazing year in blogging. Sometimes blogging can be hard and sometimes it can be easy.. but you’ve blogged amazing post and I’m happy I was here to read them 🙂


    • Kay,
      I enjoy bouncing around topics as it keeps my brain fresh. Ideas are using easy to find, time to write is another matter. Most of the stuff in this post is pre-Kay’s time here, so I hope you found something that perks your interest. May I suggest the post about Elsa’s Trieste. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Hi,
    Being a newbie to your blog I must say I have enjoyed your posts, especially learning about the bells, I never realized there was so much involved and I have loved your videos. You will have to put up with me in 2012 I would say. 😀


    • Mags,
      Glad you enjoyed the handbells – however, those posts will decrease as we move out of the holidays. However, I try to post on that topic once a month because that’s our normal playing schedule – thus November and December are an exception.

      Since you are a newbie, I hope you something on the list that stuck your fancy. I have some science stuff on there. As always, many thanks for visiting.


    • Celi,
      Well … I’ve been doing this fairly steady since Aug 2008 … so the numbers add up! And I, like you, feel that if someone takes the time to comment, take the time to reply. Thanks for the kind words and for commenting.


    • Patti,
      Great hearing from you as I’ve been wondering about you – thus hoping all is well. Thanks for the kind words and for visiting! Happy New Year … and my fav videos posts of the 2011 is coming within the hour.


  5. As you already know – my favorite are the faith and science posts – as for the beagles — they all love your political views – although each beagle has a different set of “loves”. So consider them all howling thanks together!


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