On 2011 Dolts of the Year

Have you ever wonder what the news would be like if there were no reports about stupid people? Or at least without stupid things done by people who should know better?

Last year I start the Doltest of the Dolts Award, so hey – might as well make it a tradition. Since politicians could easily dominate this, I have tried to limit their presence, which is not easy here or in real life).

Ladies and gentlemen – A Frank Angle’s “Doltest of the Dolts Awards” for 2011.

17) The Republican Presidential candidates for doing what they can to push moderates to the other party

16) Pat Robertson – Odds are good that he said something stupid this year

15) Terry Jones – Yep, the hate pastor from Florida was in the news a lot first quarter

14) Sarah Palin – Top-ranked last year, but less time in front of the camera lowers her rating, but she still is a nincompoop (One of my fav posts ever)

13) Lindsey Lohan – Miss Train Wreck

12) John Boehner and Eric Cantor (politics aside) for not attending the Arizona service after the January shooting because one of them should have been there

11) A group of state governors for misreading the will of the people (No, I did not vote for Ohio’s John Kasich)

10) Bud Selig – The only yearly question is where on this list will the MLB Commissioner be

9) Hank Williams – For his hated

8] Charlie Sheen – Mr. Train Wreck

7) James Harrison – The Steelers linebacker who intentionally tries to hurt players, and then laughs

6) College Presidents for saying they care about student athletes yet change conferences to chase money

5) Politicians who are pathetic examples of noble leaders: Take your pick from Anthony Weiner, Charlie Rangel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Ensign, and others for making other lowly politicians look good

4) Harold Camping – The rapture king was hoping for a higher rating

3) Donald Trump for making a mockery of the importance and dignity of being able to live in the White House

2) The chain-of-command at Penn State University and Florida A&M University for dropping the buck

1) The Congress of the United States of America – Anyone needing an explanation, here’s your sign

18 thoughts on “On 2011 Dolts of the Year

  1. You may want to add “The Expert” on to that list because he is going to pick the Bengals to beat the Ravens and make the playoffs, and that will certainly doom them to 20 years of 10+ losses with the (Curse Of “The Expert”)


    • Larry,
      Are you kidding me that The Expert is going to go with the Bengals this weekend? Let’s see …. they haven’t been in as a wild card since the 70s. Who knows how many times they choked on the final game to make the dance! Besides, the Ravens are undefeated in the division & going for home field advantage. OK … The Expert is added! Thanks for the nomination.


  2. Frank,
    As a Virginian (well, I live here anyway) — please move Eric Cantor higher up on the list. He is not only a moron and an embarrassment to folks who life here (and the country), but he is committed to making the country fail. What a fool.

    Happy New Year, Frank. Maybe next year you won’t be able to come up with quite so many…


    • Elyse,
      I’m no fan of Cantor, however, I didn’t want politicians to dominate the list (which could be easily done). Then again, he is part of the #1 collective of 465. The fact that neither the Speaker or the Majority Leader made it to the Arizona service remains a burr up my butt – thus their inclusion on the list. SO hey – your Cantor and my Boehner can be proud of being twice on the list. Happy New Year Elyse and thanks for commenting.


  3. I realize you named groups (i.e. Congress) to keep the list from being overly long, but given the extreme dolthood of the GOP candidates, I think they each deserve individual mention. Especially Donald Trump!


  4. can’t disagree with the list, though finding an order must have created a conundrum

    Hope you & yours have a awesome 2012 (and beyond)

    btw – like Larry? I am picking your Bengals Sunday as well


    • 3rd Stone,
      Correct – the order is the difficult part – yet I’m sure I missed someone who should be on the list.

      Oh no … you are following The Expert’s lead? Bengals over the Ravens? I say not – but I hope so. Happy New Year to you and everyone around you and thanks for visiting.


  5. I think Charlie Sheens breakdown was the craziest celebrity moment of the year for me. And I thought Occupy Wall Street would be bad here for me. Watching him was worse lol. Hey :). . I hope you have a wonderful New Year 🙂


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