On Starting a 2012 Journey

Yes, a new year has started, but none of us know what tomorrow will bring – then again, some can say that tomorrow never comes.

Life is not only a journey, it is a journey with many vehicles available – thus one of the factors determining our encounters is our choice of vehicle. This week I want to start the year with journeys on different vehicles. Well, it’s a way of doing something different before returning to my routine.

The sky provides many wonders. Enjoy this camera work from a part of Oregon that many may not realize – its desert.

20 thoughts on “On Starting a 2012 Journey

  1. Frank, that was beautiful. And far better than watching any ball drop.

    Because of short time, I often don’t click on the links on some blogs. I always do on yours, though. And they never disappoint!


    • Seattle John,
      Being that is your part of the country, let us know if you take the trip. On that day, the camera caught a beautiful sky. Happy New Year to you … and thanks for visiting.


  2. Hello dear Frank!

    Happy happy new year! What vehicle are you taking?

    2012… yes it is here. I’ve started my new year right and I hope that it will stay that way.

    Haven’t been to Oregon and have never seen loads of pics about the desert before. I so love the pics! Thank you for sharing!

    Have a blessed 2012!


    • Maxi,
      Happy New Year and I hope all is well in Sweden.

      Oregon is a beautiful state. Although it’s well known for its Pacific coastline, lush vegetation, and mountains (all which are in the video), I imagine many in the US don’t realize that Oregon has a desert … and that includes myself until about 2 years ago.

      FYI: I’m using vehicle as a metaphor … and that will be the theme this week to start the year. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful 2012 … and make it the year of your first deep fried Twinkie.


      • Hello Frank!

        For me, vehicles are not metaphors… kidding! 🙂

        Sweden is doing great. So far so good. We’ll be meeting Finland tonight in the Semi Finals of the Junior Ice Hockey World Championships. We are hoping for the best for Sweden. 🙂

        I so love the pictures you have there. The desert looks so refreshing which is ironic for sure. My heart smiles whenever it gets to see the pics. You are awesome and I know that you know that already. 🙂


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