On an Upward Look

Yesterday we viewed the skies of the Oregon desert. Yet, the sky is the where we find one of the fastest animals – the peregrine falcon whose aerial high-speed maneuvers are well documented.

Today’s journey is back to the skies with two short videos on the peregrine falcon: the first about its flight and stoop, and the second with an attached camera. Enjoy this journey on nature’s top gun of flight.

About the Falcon

From the Falcon

18 thoughts on “On an Upward Look

  1. Amazing. The wing movements alone are ridiculous. Man will never reach that level of flight. We can, however, strap a camera on the falcon’s back and get a beautiful hint of what it would be like.
    Thanks Frank!


    • Les,
      I love the title … Nature’s Top Gun … and this bird does it with so much ease … and how much do our fighter planes cost? Glad you enjoyed these and thanks for commenting.


  2. i think it’s unfair to call the peregrine one of the fastest animals because – i think – its speed is really its use of gravity in a very controlled dive. i wouldn’t classify something as “fast” unless it’s propelling itself.

    just saying… 🙂


    • Cuttlefish,
      Welcome first-time commenter and hope you return. From the Falcon’s eyes I assume … and interesting thought especially with their keen eyesight. Hope you return and thanks for taking the time to visit and comment.


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