On a Trip Beyond

Yesterday’s journey took us into the microscopic world within our own body, yet it appears to be science fiction. The electron microscope provides many fantastic images – and years ago, some patterns appeared as captivating patterns on neck ties. Because I was unsuccessful in my quick search of the neck ties I had in mind, I have an idea for a future post.

Alright – if you didn’t know, I have a biology background – but I have a very conceptual look at my subject and it’s relationship with the other sciences – even that is another subject for another day.

In yesterday’s journey I mentioned images from the Hubble Telescope, yet posted a journey through the microscopic world. So I figured for today, why not focus on the microscope, then post about deep space.

Most of my headers are deep space images from Hubble. I stand in awe as they stimulate my thoughts about creation – and the fact that creation is still in process is amazing. And yes, Hubble images influence my thoughts about not only creation, but the fascinating subject of the interchange between religion and science (which I have written about numerous times). Thus it is fitting that I end this dedicated trip with a trip to deep space.