On a Chop from the Past

Welcome to the first Monday Morning Entertainment of 2012. I know it’s the second Monday of the new year, but last week I strayed from the normal to start the year with a special journey – which I hope you enjoyed. I invite others to return to January 1st (or click here), and then continue day by day.

Hope you had a good weekend. Although we started the weekend with some Friday night ballroom dance, we spent most of the weekend progressing through a list of chores.

Ed Ames starred as Mingo on the Daniel Boone TV series with Fess Parker during my youth. Due to his facial features, he appeared to be a Native American, but was actually of Ukrainian descent. Regardless of his accomplishments as a recording artist and an actor, perhaps many of us remember him from this April 29, 1965 classic event. Enjoy … and hope you have a good week ahead.

12 thoughts on “On a Chop from the Past

    • Kay,
      Well … you’re a youngin’. 🙂 Ever heard of the Ames Brothers? Yep, they had some hits and he was one of them. He also this big solo hit when he was much younger than in the video. Thanks for visiting.


  1. It’s so sad to realise that NBC taped over the first several years of Johnny Carson. What great history to see the Civil Rights struggle and other events from that time through his eyes!
    As to that clip, I think you might have your next million dollar idea – long-distance circumcisions…… 😯


    • John,
      As you know, Johnny Carson is a classic … and this is clip is one of those classics clips that always appeared on his Best of programs. As to your idea, long-distance circumcision with a laser doesn’t seem like an idea that would get much support. Thanks for stopping by.


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