On Another Layer of Satire

With the New Hampshire primary getting so much of the media’s time and space, perhaps it’s time for a midweek chuckle. Many visiting these pages know that I periodically incorporate headlines from the wonderful world of satire published at The Onion. Enjoy … and let us know your favorite.

Hot, Horny Housewife Spending an Awful Lot of Time on the Phone Lately

Teen Stops Masturbating Long Enough to Save Family from Fire

Wolf Pack Fails to Raise Orphaned Infant

Parents Also Proud of Unsuccessful Child

Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Department

Hungover Heineken Promoter Can’t Remember What He Said about Heineken Last Night

More Vegetables Evolving Chocolate-Sauce-Filled Centers as Evolutionary Imperative

Old-Fashioned No-Water Practice Gets High School Diving Coach Fired

Radio DJ Invites Whole Town to some Bullshit

Remains of Ancient Race of Job Creators Found in Rust Belt