Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 123

On Politics
Two weeks ago here my representatives take on the GOP field, “I think all of them are great.

Congress is currently not in session and we are doing fine without them.

Just before Christmas, Republicans in both Capitol chambers extended unemployment benefits – yet there were no cries of Socialism.

Here’s a timely quote from a letter from the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Under the leadership of GOP Speaker John Boehner in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senator Mitch McConnell in the U.S. Senate, Republicans in Congress are doing everything in their power to stop the growing size and scope of the federal government and reverse the damage of the Democrats’ socialist-leaning agenda.

Speaker Boehner described President Obama’s appointment of Richard Cordrey an unprecedented power grab. Interesting … and did the Republican leadership call a foul when President Bush circumvented Congress in appointing John Bolton as our UN Ambassador?

This perked my interest for further study – Faith-based lobbying and advocacy groups spend about $390 million a year.

On Headlines from The Onion
Capitol Building Haunted by the Spirit of Killed Legislation
Navy Seals Discovered Bin Laden Gained 300 Pounds
New FOX Reality Show to Determine Next Ruler of Iraq
Blue Ivy Taken by Evil Witch Who Gave Beyonce Her Singing Voice
Obama Spends Wednesday Doing Some Urging and Some Calling On
Kentucky Senior Finds Human Thong in Driveway

On Potpourri
Reading various annual reports of other bloggers has put me in a funk. No more boasting about milestone hits by me.

I miss Nonnie’s posts at Hysterical Raisins. Hope she’s just taking a break, thus ok.

The work project is cutting into my posting and reading time, so I will do want I can and ask for patience for other bloggers – especially since I won’t be visiting their sites as often. Meanwhile, I hope to make my rounds this weekend.

As a longtime Cincinnati Reds fan, I’m happy for Barry Larkin’s election into the Hall of Fame. He is a native Cincinnatian and only played for the Reds in his 19-year career. His brothers were also above average athletes.

It’s winter and Tuscan Bread Stew (Ribolitta) is one of our cold-weather favorites. We use this Rachel Ray recipe, but many options are available for the creative.

Here are two captivating art sites: one featuring street art and the other paper art. Thanks Kay.

Late in 2011, I linked a variety of my favorite videos of the year. Amazingly, I can’t believe I forgot this one in the humor category. Guapo and Les will love this one.

29 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 123

  1. Last I heard (a couple days ago),Nonnie is fine but her PC is KIA. We’re waiting her return with great anticipation!
    I’m hoping Stephen Colbert announces he’s running for Pres in South Carolina. Since he’s polling above Huntsman without even declaring yet, a 2nd place or 3rd place would be a hoot. A win would be VERY unlikely, but absolutely hilarious if it happened.
    Have a good Friday, and a quiet weekend. And stay warm! 🙂


    • Elyse,
      I know what you mean about jobs and employment. This project is scheduled to go through March, but time will tell – but that is life of an independent contractor. Meanwhile, the GOP are so much about job creation, they want layoff government employees — Oops – I mean shrink the size of government. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Hi,
    Oh that video was hilarious, “practice while ironing your husbands shirts” had me in fits of laughter, and the guy at the end, words escape me. 😆

    Try not to work too hard. 🙂


  3. Don’t worry about the stats, Frank. You have a cadre of followers who love your posts.
    And that video was awesome. The last 15 seconds were inspiring – I’m gonna get me some pasties with tassels!


    • Les,
      I like posting and interacting every day. My work is naturally off and on, so being currently on a project bring money, but at the expense of writing time and cruising the blogs. Glad you enjoyed the tassels! Thanks for visiting.


  4. And your welcome Frank.. I’m glad you enjoyed these artists. I love stopping by your blog and finding something new and wonderful.. like the Tuscan Bread Stew recipe. I never heard of it.. and it sounds amazing.. if only I can get over not liking bread lol


  5. 390 Million for “Faith-based lobbying?” And yet, there are still hungry, homeless, thirsty people all over the world. I suggest at least one of the words in that phrase is in the wrong place.


  6. Thanks for the insights. Republicans are what they are – and that is never gonna chance. Yeah, socialist Obamah government? That makes us in the rest of the world laugh a little… Take you time and don’t worry about how often you get out on the blog sphere, but I do look forward to more exciting posting from you…


    • Otto,
      Sorry to say, but the current wave of Republicanism makes a lot of people throughout the world laugh … which is sad. It’s not that the Democrats are perfect by any means! Thanks for the encouragement and I hope to be stopping by soon to discover where in the world you are and have been. Thanks for visiting.


  7. Right on about the republicans. Posting about ones stats is little more than saying ” Look at me… I just don’t have any new ideas”. Don’t worry about views or comments. Enjoy what you’re doing, I do.


  8. aFrankAngle,

    ” Meanwhile, the GOP are so much about job creation, they want layoff government employees — Oops – I mean shrink the size of government. ”

    Isn’t that what President Obama is doing with the Consolidation Authority Act ?


  9. I have plenty of opinions on politics and, with the exception of spirited debates wth my father, I tend to keep them to myself. I will not deviate from that now. But I do read every opinion from CNN to Fox to MSNBC. This is a great post and a great blog.



    • Tim,
      Staying informed is important … and I wonder how many people rely on the bias of the talking heads. Good for you being able to watch those three news sources – and then drawing your own conclusion. Thanks for stopping by.


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