On a Smile for Monday

How was your weekend? The cold blast of winter hit Cincinnati, but a few warm days are now upon us. This weekend we enjoyed some time on the ballroom dance floor and saw the latest Sherlock Holmes movie (which was ok). Otherwise, it was a low-key weekend.

Monday is Martin Luther King Day. For those who lived the 1960s, you realize the importance of Dr. King’s work, how far society has come, and how far society still has to go. Regardless of what we know, there is so much more for all of us to learn.

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, enjoy this Internet craze about one place for learning – books. Have a good week.

18 thoughts on “On a Smile for Monday

  1. I’ll be enjoying a semi-day off. Normally I;d sleep all day,but instead I pushed back the Sunday cook-off to Monday.
    And there will be a few minutes to reflect on Dr King.
    Have a great week, Frank!


  2. Thanks for putting in a plug for real books. I admit to struggling with big fat books in bed when at night I’m trying to read myself to sleep, but after a day of enjoying and benefiting from modern technology in the forms of computers and smart phones, I want my last waking moments to be free of electronic enhancement.


    • Robin,
      Oh my …. and now I realized that I didn’t reference you for making me aware of the video … Hey everyone … I got this idea from Robin – so visit her great blog.

      Thanks again Robin … and it was nice to have a less hectic weekend.


  3. Loved this video, Frank! I had to go to the YouTube site to see how they made it, as I know how time consuming stop motion video can be. Sure enough, it is a book store in Toronto and an army of friends did all the shelf rearrangement for several nights in a row. And the wonderful music is custom made by a friend. As for books, I have a fairly substantial library in my house and love the paper books, but find that I am now buying most new purchases for my iPad. The upside is I no longer have to use reading glasses since I can make the type bigger so easily 🙂 The downside is that I still miss having bookstores in my neighborhood for the easy browse and ambience – I didn’t go the virtual route until I lost easy access. BUT, even a virtual book supports its authors and saves trees, and people are still reading.


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