On Another Layer

The Onion is a great satire site. Not publishing Opinions in the Shorts around the December holidays gave me the opportunity to collect headlines from The Onion. Enjoy the chuckle … which of the following is your favorite?

Brief Reprise from Mariah Carey Christmas Song Comes to Resounding End

Travelling Group of Medieval Mummers in America’s Top Pick for Holiday Entertainment

600 Pound Butter-Cow Sculpture Wins Iowa Caucus

President’s Approval Rating Soars after Punching Wall Street Executive in Face

Tim Tebow Becomes First Christian to Play in NFL

Embarrassed Republicans Admit They’ve Been Thinking of Eisenhower Whole Time They’ve been Praising Reagan

HP Unveils Noncomputer for those not Needing a Computer

Pawn Shop Customer Plans to Buy Back Toaster

US Gives Up Trying to Impress England

NFL Coach Admits it Sucks when You have to Punt

Congress Forgets How to Pass a Law