On an Omnimax

We enjoy the Cincinnati Museum Center – and we make it a point to see the captivating movies passing through its Omnimax Theater. This weekend we hope to see the Rocky Mountain Express.

We also eagerly await the arrive of the Day in Pompeii traveling exhibit that opens in early March. Meanwhile, enjoy this trailer for this weekend’s movie.

PS: We just returned. I thought this movie was one of the better ones that I’ve seen in some time. It focused on the difficult challenge of constructing the Canadian-Pacific Railroad from Vancouver eastward through the mountains in the era of the steam engine. Given the setting, the scenery was stunning.

Be safe this weekend!

18 thoughts on “On an Omnimax

  1. Hi,
    Looks good. I love museums, and we also have a great museum here where I live, that have different shows on, the Pompeii one looks like it would be very interesting going by their advertisement for it.


    • Mags,
      Just returned from the film. I thought it was one of the better ones I’v seen in some time. Beautiful scenery as the story focused on the building of the Canadian-Pacific Railroad from Vancouver eastward through the mountains. It shared a lot of the human side too.

      Meanwhile, having been to Pompeii, we’re looking forward to the upcoming exhibit. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      PS: Congratulations on being comment #7100!


  2. Rocky Mountain Express – what’s that, bull testicles sent overnight via UPS? πŸ˜‰
    If we ever get the chance, we might kidnap you and the missus and drag y’all off to Union in northern Illinois. No IMAX necessary, you get to see the big old steam locos live and in person! You ain’t lived until you’ve had one of the big ones thunder past you while you stand trackside – the only thing better is getting to be a volunteer stoker. It’s a pain in the back (and a bit lower), but great fun for the first few minutes!
    (What? Am I a railfan? Now what gave you that idea? Just ’cause I’ve got black lung from my childhood weekends spent at both Union and North Freedom, Wisconsin, that doesn’t mean I’m a …. Whoops, gotta go, freight train’s a comin’! πŸ˜€ )


    • I thought the movie did a great job of giving you the real feel of the power of the locomotive. Huge closeups of the wheels with the sound coming at you from all around. I also did have the pleasure of visiting the GE plant in Erie, PA where they make locomotives. Actually got to stand in the cab of a brand new one where I learned about the “sleep” switch. To make sure the engineers didn’t fall asleep, they have to hit a switch every 30 minutes or the train automatically shuts down.


  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Rocky Mountain Express IMAX movie at the Cincinnati Museum Center. I love railroads and IMAX theatres and will plan to see the film as part of a plan to someday take a coast to coast train ride across Canada. By the way, the new Mission Impossible movie is fun to watch at an IMAX theatre.


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