On a Stretch for Monday

How was your weekend? We stayed in Friday because of the threat the ice storm threat. As it turned out, we could have gone out, but we made a safety decision.

Ice on the trees is beautiful. With the temperature staying below freezing until Sunday afternoon, the nature’s beauty stuck around a bit. Because the roads were fine, Saturday we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center for a great railroad IMAX movie (Saturday’s post), and then an evening of ballroom dance.

Enough of my weekend – on to the Monday Morning Entertainment. My wife found this 2-minute video of Russian lady doing yoga … oh – the guest star is the cat. Wishing everyone a good week – and enjoy the video.

18 thoughts on “On a Stretch for Monday

  1. Hi,
    I love the video, that is unreal, that cat is determined to stay no matter
    what. πŸ˜€
    It is literally pouring rain here at the time, big time, and a lot more to come by the radar, unfortunately with rain this heavy some people will get flooded. 😦


    • Mags,
      Glad you enjoyed this one … which is a good funny! It wasn’t that long ago when I recall severe flooding in your land. Hopefully this is not a rainy stretch at that level. Thanks for stopping by and sharing – plus good luck.


  2. Thanks from a fellow cat lover! Joining the lady in her yoga exercises was completely normal behavior, as you know from your long appreciation of the superior attributes of cats.


  3. What a great vid, Frank, thank Mrs. Angle for me. My standard poodle tries to join me when I do my morning yoga but there just isn’t enough room on the mat for both of us. Now she runs into the yoga room every morning and lays on a little couch I fixed up for her, waiting for me to start and observing my every move. I can’t skip morning yoga, she would be greatly disappointed!


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